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When we moved to Honolulu from Tokyo years ago, we knew no one on the island, so the Punahou community became our extended family. Even though the boys have long since left the campus, the Punahou network continues to reach out to them, no matter which city or country their professional journeys have taken them to. And we don’t mean just through a generic email, we mean organized alumni gatherings and lunches or dinners with visiting school representatives.
At Punahou, students are encouraged to speak out. This gives them an easy confidence that translates well in social settings whether they be nerve-wracking job interviews, casual corporate get-togethers or organized political debates. This is the community we think all children should be privileged to be a part of, no matter what their social or financial circumstances are. This diverse, complex, stimulating, questioning, environmentally aware intellectual and social environment that Punahou provides encourages a pay-it-forward psyche that is so needed in this current atmosphere of divisiveness. We are honored to be a continuing part of this Punahou legacy.
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