Centers Distinctions

New Centers Distinctions Program Recognizes Students Pursuing Their Passions

Academy students deeply invested in the mission of Punahou’s educational centers are now being formally recognized through the School’s Distinctions program. Students who demonstrate competency in the respective areas are eligible to receive an official Distinction on their transcripts, recognizing their work with the center they dedicated themselves to, including the Case Accelerator for Student Entrepreneurship (CASE); DesignTechnology and Engineering; Kuaihelani Center for ‘Ike Hawai‘i; Luke Center for Public Service; Outdoor Education; and Wo International Center. Kuaihelani Center for ‘Ike Hawai‘i and Outdoor Education are currently in the process of developing their Distinction programs. 

The centers have long been part of Punahou’s rich tapestry of educational offerings, providing a wealth of experiences, opportunities and mentorship to students interested in areas such as global education, entrepreneurship, engaged citizenship and Hawaiian studies. Students K – 12 gravitate to the centers to explore personal interests or deepen their work in respective areas. By earning a Distinction, students will be able to show their commitment to an area of study on their college applications or to a potential employer, with the School’s official acknowledgement.

The Distinction is non-competitive and open to any interested Academy student. Starting in their freshman or sophomore year, students devise a multi-year plan and pursue a variety of opportunities with guidance from the center director. Along the way, they create a portfolio that showcases their learning, then present them to a panel during their senior year. The centers will decide which students will receive Distinctions based on their work and overall commitment.
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