Strategic Planning

In 2020, President Mike Latham ’86 announced five key strategic priorities for Punahou to pursue in the years ahead. Derived from the Aims of a Punahou Education, these priorities represent some of the most vital aspects of a student’s experience at Punahou.

To support these priorities, a cross-section of our School’s faculty and staff have volunteered their time to serve our planning process. Each of these individuals will serve a two or three-year term, and the working groups will actively seek feedback and engage our wider community of faculty, staff, parents, alumni, and others through focus groups and surveys. Dr. Ginia Loo ’92, Punahou’s Director of Analytics and Planning, is responsible for overseeing the working groups and Punahou’s strategic planning efforts.
Collectively, their efforts will result in a series of action plans and corresponding initiatives that will help to guide the School in fulfilling its mission to its students, the community and the world.

List of 5 items.

  • Inquiry-led, Lifelong Learning

    This group’s focus is on Punahou’s ongoing work to develop a dynamic, student-centered, inquiry-led K-12 curriculum that realizes the Aims of a Punahou education.

    Topics for review, inquiry, and recommendation include:
    • The integration of Junior School and Academy curricular planning
    • Strategies to promote personalized learning
    • Recommendations related to the further use and development of innovative learning spaces
    • Pedagogical support and development
    • The application of educational technologies to enhance/support student learning
    • Means to assess student academic engagement and achievement
    Working Group Members
    Todd Chow-Hoy (co-chair), Candace Cheever (co-chair), John Chock, Sally Mingarelli, Danielle Mizuta, Stacey Olson, Ralph Pascucci, Rebecca Wagner
  • Innovation and the Application of Knowledge

    This group will center its efforts on the work of enabling students to apply knowledge from multiple fields to authentic, real-world problems.

    Topics for review, inquiry and recommendation include:
    • Collaboration among Punahou’s several academic centers and departments
    • Strategic opportunities in experiential education, project-based learning, and design thinking
    • Approaches to maximize the potential of a K-12 Learning Commons
    • Avenues for community-based learning and Punahou’s engagement with external communities
    Working Group Members
    Tiffany Coke (co-chair), Jennifer Roble (co-chair), Helen Chao-Casano, Todd Funasaki, Danette Kobayashi, Mark Loughridge, Taryn Loveman, Holly Sereni, Robyn Vierra
  • Social, Emotional and Ethical Learning

    At Punahou, cultivating social and emotional intelligence and ethical awareness is just as important as academic rigor for true college preparation. This group will focus on Punahou’s efforts to care for the whole student, promoting a culture of wellness, balance and resilience. 

    Topics for review, inquiry and recommendation include:
    • The further advancement of curricula in the Junior School and the Academy promoting social, emotional and ethical learning (SEEL)
    • Opportunities to improve or enhance counseling and support services and resources
    • Professional development for faculty and staff to enhance our ability to support student needs
    • The integration of goals for student wellness, belonging and support into Punahou’s curriculum, both in and outside the classroom
    Working Group Members
    Renee Chang (co-chair), Holly Greenwell (co-chair), Kellen Garcia, Fiona Hayashi, Kylee Mar, John Nagel, Deane Salter, Molly Takagi
  • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI)

    Among Punahou’s highest priorities is the work of its Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) strategic planning working group. This group is made up of a cross-section of nine faculty and staff members with a variety of backgrounds, experiences, and connections to the Punahou community. The group is creating recommendations to the School that would help to support and improve the work we do towards our mission and vision of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at Punahou. Currently, the group is looking at clarifying the school’s diversity statement and capturing stories regarding DEI topics from members of the Punahou community.
    Working Group Members
    Emily McCarren (co-chair), Christina Torres (co-chair), Paula Arias, Timothy Dyke, Alexandra Holzman, Keala O’Sullivan, Erica Washburn, Tomoko Yokooji
  • Infrastructure and Resources

    This group will examine and make recommendations related to infrastructure and resources.

    It will review and consider recommendations related to:
    • Initiatives or strategies for development, fundraising and alumni relations
    • Strategies to evaluate and deepen Punahou’s commitment to environmental sustainability
    • Questions related to facilities use and campus master planning
    Working Group Members
    Noe Archambault (co-chair), Sunny Donenfeld (co-chair), Denise Hoke, James Kakos, Malia (Eva) Lee, Elila Levinson, Shigehiro Minami, Tony Tran.