Wo International Center

The Luke Center for Chinese Studies

The Luke Center for Chinese Studies was established in 1993 by K.J. Luke and family to support innovative programs between Punahou School and China.

Thanks in part to funding by the Luke Center for Chinese Studies, and supported by the Wo International Center, the study of China, its history, civilization, values and language are integrated throughout the school's K-12 curriculum and outreach programs for students, faculty and the community.

Punahou School boasts one of the largest Chinese language programs in the country, and has been supporting immersion experiences in China since 1982.

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  • Students

    For students, the Center supports curricular focus on China's culture, language and way of life, beginning in first grade and expanding in later grades, across various disciplines. It also supports immersion experiences through summer and yearlong opportunities in various parts of China, with a focus on study and work in community service projects.
  • Faculty

    To enhance faculty understanding of China, the Center supports travel groups to China visiting schools and engaging in professional dialogue with local teachers, to collect resources for the classroom and establish contacts for collaborative telecommunication projects. Post-trip grants are also available for teachers to integrate their learning into the curriculum.
  • Local Community

    The Center supports presentations by distinguished Chinese speakers, artistic performances and cultural displays, which are open to the community.
  • In China

    Projects in China supported by the Center include teaching English in Baojing (a rural village of ethnic minorities in Hunan) and ongoing projects with the Soong Ching Ling Foundation and the Beijing Normal University school system
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