List of 9 frequently asked questions.

  • Who is considered Punahou Alumni?

    You are Punahou Alumni if you attended at least one semester at Punahou School. Punahou summer school doesn’t qualify.
  • How do I get a copy of my Punahou transcript?

    School transcripts are released by online request or mail-in form. More information is available here.
  • What is Alumni Week?

    Punahou Alumni Week happens every June. It’s a week-long celebration of milestone Class reunions, culminating at the Alumni Lu‘au. You can learn more about Alumni Week and your Class reunion on our Reunion page.
  • How do I get information on my Class reunion?

    Learn more about Alumni Week, your Class reunion, and how to volunteer on our Reunion page.
  • Are there professional networking opportunities through Punahou Alumni?

    There are events throughout the year that spotlight professionals, including our Punahou Alumni Healthcare Spotlight, Global Careers Spotlight, Lawyers Lunch and more. For our latest programs, visit our Events page.
  • What are the ways I can volunteer or give back to Punahou?

    There are many ways you can give back as a Punahou alumnus. You can volunteer with the Punahou Alumni Association, or you can simply work an alumni Carnival shift. You can donate to your Class gift, or you can donate your time, mentoring other alumni. Learn more about ways you can give back on our Volunteer, Donate, and Alumni Groups pages.
  • What are some signature Punahou Alumni events I shouldn’t miss?

    Alumni Week and the Alumni Lu‘au are the biggest events of the year if you are reunioning. However, there are many special events throughout the year that give you unique and intimate ways to connect with alumni like Dinner in the Buff 'n Blue, Buff ‘n Blue Back to School, the Alumni Travel Program, and more. Learn more on our Programs page.
  • What kind of alumni groups can I join?

    From the Punahou Alumni Association (PAA) to the Glee Club, there are many alumni groups that you can join to cater to your interests. Learn more on our Alumni Groups page.
  • How do I contact the Office of Alumni Relations?

    The Office of Alumni Relations works with the Punahou Alumni Association to create and support events and programs that connect our alumni ‘ohana. Learn more on our Contact page.
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