Code of Conduct

Punahou School upholds the fundamental principle that every individual should be treated with dignity, respect and care.
We affirm that a school should be a place where students learn not only about the world around them, but about themselves — creating a strong social, emotional and ethical foundation that will shape their experiences here and throughout their lives.
This foundation is based on the core belief that every student should have the opportunity to learn in a safe and caring environment, free from harassment, bullying and unsafe or unethical behavior.
All members of our community — whether students, parents, guardians, faculty, staff, contractors or volunteers — play a vital role in the development of a healthy learning environment.

Our Commitment to a Caring Community

Punahou’s culture of care is deeply woven into every aspect of our school community. Our mission, vision and values strive to fulfill the Aims of a Punahou Education and guide the actions of our students, parents, guardians, employees and volunteers every day.

We are committed to education in its broadest sense, which includes learning that builds character, sound judgment and ethical behavior. We actively seek to create an environment in which students and adults alike develop the capacity for moral decision-making based upon clear values that:

  • Acknowledge the worth and dignity of all members of our school community;
  • Uphold both real and perceived personal safety;
  • Respect the property of others;
  • Pursue learning with complete academic integrity; and
  • Are free of alcohol and drugs and people under their influence.

We expect that our students and their families, as well as our employees, volunteers and contractors, actively and thoughtfully embrace these values.

Likewise, we expect all members of our community to serve as respectful citizens by abiding by our Code of Conduct, outlined in the following sections.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion at Punahou

Punahou School is committed to creating a diverse educational community rooted in equity and inclusion as fundamental human rights. We seek ways to create an environment in which the identities and cultural backgrounds of our families, students and employees are valued and respected by the entire Punahou community.

We believe that the diversity of our students, staff, faculty, curriculum and co-curriculum is essential to achieving the Aims of a Punahou Education. Throughout the Punahou journey, diverse cultural identities, world views, aspirations, affiliations and beliefs strengthen the learning experience for all as we promote open dialogue around difference.

Punahou students and employees are expected to uphold the highest standards of fairness and inclusivity so that all members of our community may participate in and contribute to the life of the school, regardless of age, family structure, race/ethnicity, gender, religion, socioeconomic status, sexual orientation or any other aspect of their identity.