Life at Punahou

Student Services

Academic, Learning and Social Emotional Support

In all divisions of the School there are deans, counselors and learning support specialists who comprise teams to provide student support in the areas of academic counseling, social-emotional counseling and learning support. We recognize that students have diverse needs and are impacted by a variety of factors. When students struggle, early intervention is key to effectively addressing learning and social, emotional or behavioral needs. If you have questions about your child’s needs, please contact your child’s administrative dean, in the Junior School, or dean, in the Academy.

Food Services

Punahou’s food services encompass the logistics of feeding over 3,600 students and 600 faculty and staff daily with a choice of offerings in the dining rooms and snack bar. The school continues its commitment to providing healthy food options with emphasis on fresh fruits and vegetables, low-fat, high-protein meats, and locally grown meats and produce. There is a minimal amount of processed foods served, no artificial trans fats, no high fructose corn syrups and no deep-fat fried foods. The cafeteria also puts an emphasis on sustainable choices in its operation.

A menu is published monthly, sent to Junior School homerooms, posted in the Academy and is available on myPunahou. The menu is subject to change.

Students are expected to respect their cafeteria by using courtesy and common sense in behavior, especially related to quantities of food selected, and to appropriately clean up lunch and snack materials. This is an expectation of all Punahou students.
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