Punahou School has formalized the trademark and copyright registration of the design and word marks of the school, including the following:

    • Trademarks

Word Marks

  • Punahou ®
  • Buff ’n Blue ™
  • Oahu College ™
  • Sons of Oahu ™
  • Go Puns ™

Trademark Use

Punahou does not license its trademarks. They may only be used for School purposes by a faculty or staff member. Parents involved in a project with potential trademark use, can work with the faculty/staff member according to the following requirements and procedures.

The basic design requirements for use of marks are:
  • Design marks should not be deconstructed or distorted; nothing can be added or subtracted from the artwork; the artwork cannot be used as a watermark behind text or other graphics. Design marks should not be used in combination with each other or other artwork.
  • Word marks may be used in a variety of fonts and colors, with the approval of the school, provided the words are easily legible and appropriately represent Punahou School.
The trademark approval includes review of:
  1. The design itself,
  2. The item that the design is to be used on,
  3. The placement of the design particularly in relation to other logos or manufacturer’s marks, and
  4. The vendor producing the merchandise.


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