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Parents of students with diagnosed and documented learning differences should inform their child’s deans or administrative deans of the situation and provide a copy of the diagnosis as well as any IEP, 504 plan or other official accommodations plan previously used. This information is key to engaging the supports we provide our students. School-based recommendations from providers are reviewed and shared with teachers.

In the Academy, a frequently required accommodation is extended time in testing situations. If a student is eligible for extended time, s/he must make arrangements with his/her teacher at least three days in advance of the testing date. Deans and administrative deans can assist in planning time in the student’s schedule to accommodate this need. Due to the rules surrounding national standardized tests, a student who wishes extended time testing for SAT, AP, ACT and similar tests must have a formal, recent (within three years of standardized testing) diagnosis on file with the school as well as a documented history of using extended time in school situations. The School SSD Coordinator will assist students and families in completing necessary paperwork to receive extended time for national standardized tests.


Punahou School makes every effort to provide classroom instruction and other academic support to help each student thrive. Our philosophy of care is to work with students, their parents, teachers and learning support specialists to determine the specific academic support needed. Families considering tutoring or additional educational services are encouraged to consult with teachers and the student’s dean.

K – Grade 8

Teachers make efforts to provide extra help for students as needed before and/or after school. Additionally, time can be scheduled during study hall for middle school students who need extra help.

Some students may require tutoring as an element of student support. When a specific learning need has been identified through the learning support process, families may choose to engage a paid tutor. Students in K – grade 8 may attend tutoring sessions after school. In exceptional circumstances, it may be necessary for a tutor to meet with a student on campus. It is only in these instances that on-campus tutoring will be approved. No tutoring is approved during lunch or other classes.

Grades 9 – 12

While not strictly considered tutoring, teachers are available to provide extra help to students during their unscheduled time, and often before and after school. Students should assume responsibility for arranging conferences with their teachers. In addition, Academy students in need of frequent or in-depth tutoring may seek help from the National Honor Society in the form of peer tutoring or seek other peer assistance in the Learning Commons.

In certain situations, however, a paid tutor may be appropriate. Parents are invited to confer with their child’s grade level deans for recommendations and help in securing private tutorial assistance for their children.

Note: Teachers may not tutor students who are enrolled in their classes for remuneration and may not tutor (for remuneration) during school hours (7:30 a.m. – 3:30 p.m.)
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