A cultural movement is in full bloom at Punahou. It is expansive, it is dynamic – and it is unabashedly green. Wherever you look, there are signs that sustainability has fully taken root, and with it an awareness that Hawai‘i and, indeed, the world’s natural resources are finite and must be managed with care.

To be clear, Punahou’s connection to the environment is not new, after all its campus was once home to a working farm. Over the years, there have been numerous initiatives and investments launched in the name of sustainability – including our ongoing Path to Net Zero. What feels different today is the central role that sustainability now plays in the strategic planning of the School and, most importantly, in the culture of its people.

At Punahou, we feel a profound responsibility in the stewardship of our verdant campus and in our connection to Hawai‘i and the broader world. In many ways, sustainability is at the heart of the Punahou story – a story of renewal that springs forth from the waters of Kapunahou and ripples throughout the teaching and learning that takes place here every day.

We invite you to watch a video of three Punahou students who have dedicated their talents and creativity to improving their environments and the lives of others. Like so many of our Punahou students and alumni, they exemplify the values of sustainability and community, and they inspire us by their example.

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