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Aquatics gives students the opportunity to improve their swimming through its Swim School and through Punahou Aquatics (PAQ), a team association.

Swim School

Swimming has a rich history at Punahou that includes Olympic medalists, world-record holders and numerous state championships. Various instructional, developmental and competitive programs are offered during the school year as well as during Summer School.

Intended primarily for grades 2 – 5, Swim School develops and improves stroke technique for the four competitive swimming strokes, builds endurance, and teaches skills such as racing starts and turns. Students work toward passing Punahou's swimming graduation requirements, and those that are interested are well prepared to join a club swim team.

Depending on class level, swimmers must be able to swim 10 – 25 yards without stopping. Note that Punahou School’s pool does not have a shallow end, so swimmers must be comfortable in deep water. Class sizes range from a minimum of three to eight swimmers per group.

Limited spaces are available due to COVID safety protocols. Priority registration will be provided to students who were enrolled in the Spring 2020 swimming program.

Punahou Aquatics Competitive Swimming

The Punahou Aquatics (PAQ) competitive swim team is divided into groups, based on age and swimming ability, for students in grades 2 – 12. The focus for the swim team is on developing good stroke technique and endurance, to prepare for swim meets at the local and national level. Swim team membership is subject to availability, ability and approval of the head coach. All Punahou Aquatics swimmers are registered with USA Swimming. Punahou also offers intermediate, junior varsity and varsity level ILH athletics teams.

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  • Facilities

    The C. Dudley Pratt Aquatic Center, at the ground level of Hemmeter Fieldhouse, is comprised of the Elizabeth P. Waterhouse Pool and the facilities that support the Punahou swimming program including the Harry Steiner Pool Office.

    With a depth of at least 9 feet for its entire length, the Olympic-sized 50 meter by 25 yard Waterhouse Pool is the largest of any school in the state of Hawaiʻi (including the University of Hawaiʻi), at more than a million gallons.