Alumni Keiki Experience

Hosted by the Punahou Alumni Association (PAA), Office of Alumni Relations and Summer Programs, the “‘Ūlili Ho‘okama o Kapunahou – Alumni Keiki Experience” is a special opportunity for children of alumni who do not reside on O‘ahu to enjoy the wonder of Punahou.

The week-long program, designed by a group of Junior School faculty, is themed ‘Ūlili Ho‘okama o Kapunahou. Just as the ‘ūlili bird is migratory, so too are the children of our alumni. Ho‘okama is an endearing term to acknowledge a hānai child (or adult) who is treated as ‘ohana. Past experiences have included campus explorations, fishing in the Lily Pond, Makahiki games, and lessons about hula, mele, and the history and songs of Punahou.
The program is designed for students entering grades 1 – 5 in the fall. Exceptions may be made for older siblings (up to grade 7). Eligible students must be non-O‘ahu residents who are children or grandchildren of alumni. Cost includes materials for all activities.

Examples of activities in past experiences

  • Campus explorations to Pu‘uomānoa (Rocky Hill), the new Kosasa Community for Grades 2 – 5, Waterhouse Pool, Thurston Memorial Chapel
  • Visits to the Lily Pond and Banyan Tree
  • Hula and mele
  • Punahou lore – songs, history, cheers
  • Makahiki games
  • Opportunities to create friendships and familiarity with Punahou
*Activities vary year to year

The experience begins with a welcome breakfast and culminates on Friday afternoon with a closing pa‘ina where the children will share many of the things they have learned over the course of the week. E kipa mai iā Punahou.

Summer 2024

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  • Program Events (families are welcome)

    Monday, June 10 and Monday, July 22
    8 – 8:45 a.m. Welcome Breakfast
    9 – 9:30 a.m. Tour of Sidney and Minnie Kosasa Community for Grades 2 – 5 (optional for parents, grandparents)

    Friday, June 14 and Friday, July 26
    10:15 a.m. – Noon Makahiki and Closing Pā‘ina


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  • Summer 2024

    Registration is processed through our online registration system,  ASAP Connected.  Families who previously registered through ASAP Connected should sign in as a Returning Customer using their existing login credentials.  New visiting families who have not previously enrolled through ASAP Connected may click on Create an Account to set up a new account.  Please contact if you haven’t received an email with the registration link. Payment is due in full to complete the online registration.

    Enrollment for visiting students begins Friday, March 8 at noon (HST).

    Registration deadline is Wednesday, April 17, 4 p.m. Space is limited to 30 students per session.

Family Information

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  • Absences/Attendance

    Consistent with current absence reporting practices, parents/guardians are expected to use the online Absence Reporting App to notify the School of ANY full day absence - health-related or not - before 8 a.m. for each day your child is absent. By reporting an absence through the app, you will NOT need to email your child’s teacher or the summer attendance office. More information regarding the Absence Reporting App will be shared at a later date.

    Students with any symptoms or who do not feel well enough to be in school by 8 a.m. should not be sent to school later that day. 

    If any of the following applies to your child, please email the summer attendance office at AND the applicable program office below if your child will be missing any scheduled class or private lesson that day.
    • Arriving late to school
    • Leaving school early
    • Away from school for an extended period of time
    Summer Attendance Office
    Summer Programs (K - 8 & non-credit Academy courses): 

    Returning From Absence Due to Illness
    Punahou School’s Health Policy and Readmission Policy may change as conditions change.  Please refer to the most recent Health Policy and Readmission Procedures at:
  • Pickup and Drop-off

    Drop-off and pickup will be at Kosasa Community for Grades 2 – 5 curbside drop-off/pickup area between 7:40 – 7:55 a.m. Pickup is between noon and 12:15 p.m.

    If your keiki arrives after 7:55 a.m., please call the Summer Attendance Office to let us know you have arrived at the appropriate drop off location. Remain in your car and a staff member will come out to meet you at your vehicle.
  • Swim and Sun Gear

    Please apply sunscreen daily to your keiki before school. If they have sun-sensitive skin and need to reapply throughout the day, please pack sunscreen in their bag and notify the kumu.

    We will be doing a swim test in the pool to assess your child’s ability. Please pack a dry towel, swim clothes, extra clothes and plastic bag in your child’s backpack, swim day to be specified when final details are distributed.
  • Out-of-State/International/Homeschool Requirements

    Hawaii State Department of Health Requirements for Schools
    Students who are not currently enrolled in a Hawai’i school (which includes, International, continental U.S. residents, and home-schooled students) must meet the State of Hawai’i assessment requirements and provide a TB clearance that has been done within 12 months prior to the start of the Extended Learning Program.  Students who have a TB form on file with Punahou School that was submitted on or after Summer 2022 do not need to submit a new form.

    All applicants must have a U.S, licensed practitioner (MD, DO, APRN, PA) complete and sign the Extended Learning Programs Tuberculosis form to confirm that the student is free from TB.  The Hawai’i Department of Health (DOH) Form will also be accepted.

    The following are acceptable forms of TB screens or tests.
    • Negative TB Risk Assessment - This assessment must be performed by a U.S. licensed practitioner.
    • Negative Tuberculin Skin Test (TST) - This test must be performed in the U.S. by a U.S. licensed physician (MD, DO, APRN, PA).
    • QuantiFERON® TB Gold-in-Tube Test or T-Spot® Test - This test may be performed in the U.S. or internationally by a U.S. licensed physician.
    • Positive Test and Negative Chest X-ray - The chest x-ray must be performed in the U.S. by a U.S. licensed physician  (MD, DO, APRN, PA).
    In addition to the TB form, all visiting families will be required to download, sign and upload the completed Authorized for Medical Treatment form to our Health Center via the secure link below by the following deadlines:
    Early Session Programs (June 10 - June 14) - Forms due by May 31, 2024
    Extended Session Programs (July 22 - July 26) - Forms due by July 8, 2024
    Students will not be allowed to attend summer classes until the TB and the Authorized for Medical Treatment forms are received and approved by our Punahou Health Center Office.
  • Medical/Travel Insurance

    We request that international and continental U.S. students have medical and/or travel insurance for the safety of their child and to ensure proper medical care.
  • English Proficiency

    Punahou Summer Programs do not offer ESL (English as a Second Language) courses. It is required that all students have the ability to understand and communicate (i.e.; read, write, speak) in English at the appropriate grade level. This will ensure the safety of each student and enable your child to have a positive summer experience. No accommodations will be made for English language learners and the school reserves the right to modify schedules or remove students from courses if it deems appropriate.
  • Participation and Behavior Policy

    Children are expected to participate in activities and be on good behavior at all times during the program. They need to be able to function independently and not detract from other students’ experience. If my child demonstrates unacceptable behavior that includes disorderly conduct or actions that jeopardizes the safety and well being of others in the program, he/she will be dismissed from the program immediately at the discretion of Punahou School staff without refund. More details are available in the Student Disciplinary Process section of the Student and Parent Code of Conduct.


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  • Summer School Program Office

    K – 8 and noncredit Academy courses
    Bishop Hall
    808.943.3693 Fax
  • Academy Summer School Office

    9 – 12 Academy Credit Bearing Courses
The admission of any student in the Summer School programs is at the sole discretion of Punahou School in accordance with applicable laws.  Admission criteria may be modified from time to time without notice by the School.  Furthermore, students with past due billing accounts may not be eligible to enroll in these programs until their accounts are brought current.  All payments made to the School will be allocated first towards unpaid Punahou tuition.
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