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Spring 2024 Co-Curricular Registration and Key Dates

November 27 at noon 
Spring Course Catalog Posted
(for new courses and those accepting new enrollments)

December 1 at noon 
Registration Opens
December 8 at 4 p.m.
Spring Registration, Payment & Cancellation Deadline

December 16
Last Day of Fall Co-Curricular Classes

January 3
After School Care, Afternoon Supervision and Chess Begins

January 8
Spring Semester Co-Curricular Classes Begin
April 4
Last Day of HA Classes
May 11
Last Day of Spring Co-Curricular Classes 
May 29
Last Day of After School Care, Afternoon Supervision and Chess

Punahou Aquatics (PAQ) Swim Team should check the TeamUnify calendar for spring practice schedules.

Water Polo team should refer to program communication for spring schedule.


List of 5 items.

  • Absences and Attendance

    If your child will not be attending an activity for the day, please notify each specific program office by telephone or email. This greatly assists teachers and staff in taking attendance and reduces lost time looking for absent students and frees all of us from worry. See the individual program descriptions for contact numbers.


    Language, Music, and Tennis

    The policy for private lessons allows a maximum of two make-up lessons per semester for absences due to the student's illness or approved academically-related school activities. In case of illness, contact the instructor directly or the program by 8 a.m. on the morning of the lesson at the latest. For planned school activities, advise the program at least one day prior to the lesson. Extended absences due to illness or injuries will be arranged between teacher, parent and director on a case-by-case basis. There are no make-ups provided for partner lessons or group classes.
  • Cancellations and Withdrawals

    Once the registration has been submitted, courses are confirmed, and non-refundable cancellation fees will apply.

    Requests for cancellations or course changes should be emailed to the Co-Curricular Programs office at cocurricular@punahou.edu. Requests will be processed in the order received and enrollment will be subject to availability.

    All Classes and Group/Partner Lessons
    Prior to Course Start Date
    Full refund, less a $50 fee per class

    On or After Course Start Date
    No refund
    Private LessonsPrior to First Lesson
    Full refund, less a $50 fee

    On or After First Lesson
    Pro-rata refund,  less a $50 fee
  • Escorting K – Grade 5

    All Kindergarten – grade 5 students who are enrolled in a scheduled Co-Curricular class or lesson that begins at 3:15 p.m. or earlier will be picked up immediately after school by a faculty or staff member and escorted to their activity (see Music School exception below). Students do not need to be enrolled in the After School Care Program to be escorted to their 3:15 p.m. or earlier class or lesson.

    Students enrolled in ASC will be escorted to and from their scheduled Co-Curricular classes and lessons, including Aquatics. Case Entrepreneurship, Dance, HA, Karate, Language & Culture, Music, Robotics, Tennis, and Theatre. If your child is enrolled in any other activities (e.g. wrestling, tutoring, etc.), please make arrangements to have your child walked to and from ASC. Unfortunately, our ASC staff and schedule cannot accommodate these additional activities. When planning your child's after school activities, please remember that your child has just finished a full day of school and they should be provided enough time between activities for travel, rest and a snack. A minimum of 30 minutes transition time is required between activities. The last escort will be for classes or lessons beginning at 5:30 p.m. The last return to ASC will be for classes or lessons ending at 5:15 p.m.
    We are unable to provide escorting services for Private Language, Music, and Tennis Lessons to students who are dropped into ASC for the afternoon.
    Due to the distance, we will not be able to escort students to Montague Hall for private music lessons prior to 3 p.m. Unless you can make other arrangements for your child's safe escort, please ensure that their lesson begins at 3 p.m. or later.
  • Late Registration

    Once the registration deadline has passed, requests for late registrations should be emailed to the Co-Curricular programs office at cocurricular@punahou.edu. Requests will be processed in the order received, and students will be registered on a space-available basis. A non-refundable $50 per-student late fee will be charged at the time of enrollment.
  • Supervision K – Grade 6

    Aligning with the school's supervision policies, Kindergarten - grade 6 students will not be allowed to remain on campus unsupervised at any time, and must either be enrolled in a Co-Curricular program or be picked up by a parent or guardian at dismissal. Students will need to be enrolled in After School Care (K – 5) or Afternoon Supervision (6) if they are not able to be picked up within 30 minutes of their school dismissal time, OR there is an unsupervised break of longer than 15 minutes before or after their Co-Curricular classes.

    Kindergarten to grade 5 students will not be able to walk themselves to and from their Co-Curricular classes. However, After School Care does provide this service for students enrolled in ASC on the day of their Co-Curricular class or lesson. Please refer to the after school Escorting K - Grade 5 procedures for more information. A minimum of 30 minutes transition time is required between activities.

    Grade 6 students are allowed to independently walk themselves directly to and from their Co-Curricular activities. 

    Details regarding specific pick-up locations and dismissal procedures will be provided by each program prior to the start of the session.
The admission of any student in the School’s extended learning programs is at the sole and absolute discretion of Punahou School in accordance with applicable laws. Admission criteria may be modified from time to time without notice by the School. Furthermore, students with past due billing accounts may not be eligible to enroll in these programs until their accounts are brought current. All payments made to the School will be allocated first towards unpaid Punahou tuition.

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