Athletic Letters and Individual Awards

Athletic letters are awards given to students at the varsity, junior varsity and intermediate levels of every interscholastic sport. Although each sport has its own requirements to be fulfilled before a letter is awarded, the letter winners are generally chosen for their ability and participation in the sport.
Punahou traditionally awards the school letter “O” to boys who achieve the status of letterman. This practice was begun when Punahou was known as Oahu College and has continued although the name of the school has changed. Girls who achieve letter status receive the letter “P.”

An individual award is presented for each sport honoring the most inspirational athlete. Other awards include:

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  • Athlete of the Year Awards

    The following awards are made to outstanding all-around athletes of the year at each grade level in the Academy:
    Senior Athlete of the Year
    The honor, initiated in 1957, is awarded to the graduating seniors (male and female) who have contributed the most to Punahou athletics by athletic achievement and sportsmanship during their high school careers, as determined by the school coaching staff.
    Junior Award
    A koa bowl presented in 1947 by the Class of 1938 in memory of their classmates, Robert A. McEldowney and Gwynn Matthias, casualties of World War II, goes to the boy and girl making the best contributions in citizenship, scholarship and athletics in the junior class. The winners names are engraved on this perpetual trophy, and each winner receives an individual koa bowl.
    Sophomore Award
    This award, started in 1992, recognizes the grade 10 girl athlete and grade 10 boy athlete who have demonstrated “ability, team spirit, dedication and support of others.
    Freshman Award
    The Billy Weaver Memorial Trophy was initiated in 1959 by the Class of 1962 and is dedicated to Billy Weaver, “whose warm friendship and honest ways have won the love and respect of all who knew him. The trophy perpetuating his memory is awarded each year to the outstanding freshman athlete – sportsman and sportswoman.
  • Scholar Athlete Achievement Award

    Scholar Athlete Achievement Awards go to seniors who earn at least a 3.33 cumulative GPA, a minimum of three Punahou varsity sports letters spanning at least two school years, one of which must be earned in the senior year, and receive no citizenship grade below B during their junior and senior years.
  • Senior Plaque

    Recognizes dedication and a long-time commitment to athletics. Athletes must earn three varsity letters in one sport or four or more varsity letters in two or more sports.

HHSAA Hall of Honor

The Hawai‘i High School Hall of Honor was established in 1982 by Nissan Motors to recognize “athletic excellence and accomplishments of Hawai`i’s high school athletes. In 2004, the Hawai‘i High School Athletic Association Foundation assumed responsibility to continue this prestigious tradition.

Each year, 12 student athletes are selected for induction into the Hall of Honor by an independent selection committee. Each honored student athlete also receives a $2,000 college scholarship.

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  • Eligibility

    Students in the State of Hawai`i who are participating in any sport(s) approved by the Hawai`i High School Athletic Association, and who are completing their senior year of high school, are eligible for consideration.
    Athletic achievement is given primary consideration by the selection committee. Other factors considered include:
    • contributions to the team
    • versatility in sports
    • sportsmanship and dedication
    • character and behavior on and off the playing field
    • standards as a student
    • role in school activities outside sports
    • involvement in the community
  • Punahou Inductees

    Emalia Eichelberger, Mariel Galdiano and ‘Aukai Lileikis2016
    Kawika Lam, Micah Ma‘a and Kanawai Noa2015
    Jasmine Mau and Larry Tuileta2014
    Carly Kan and Isaac Savaiinaea2013
    DeForest Buckner, Mindy Chow and Mysha Sataraka2012
    Chrissy Chow2011
    Taylor Crabb2010
    Kristin Lim, Aisha Price, Crystal Sims and Manti Te‘o2009
    Daniel Chow, Jeeter Ishida, Shawna-Lei Kuehu, Erik Shoji and Michelle Yoshida2008
    Spencer McLauchlin and Miah Ostrowski2007
    Shanna-Lei Dacanay2005
    Rachel Kane2003
    Todd Iacovelli2002
    Milla Macfarlane2001
    Victoria Chang2000
    Brandon Brooks and Eri Macdonald1999
    Onaona Miller1998
    Parker McLachlin, Tehani Miyashiro and Michael Souza1997
    Jason Ching and Rachel Watson1996
    Jodi Jackson and Donny Utu1995
    Debbie Lambert1994
    Perry Lam1993
    Kena Heffernan and Ana Vidinha1992
    Christian Miler and Kevin Wong1990
    Kanoa Ostrem1989
    Jacob Garcia1988
    Trevor Schirman1986
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