Kindergarten – Grade 3

Kindergarten Applicants

Developing a love for learning – whether through play, personalization, or exploration – along with becoming respectful, empathetic, collaborative members of a larger community is at the heart of a place where teachers learn alongside students every day and where love and kindness are valued. Each year we welcome 150 new students for the incoming Kindergarten class across six classrooms.

Application Deadline Is October 15, 2023

Applications for Kindergarten are no longer being accepted.

Age Eligibility

Punahou regularly reviews its admission policies to ensure we are following best practices. In an effort to promote greater gender equality in our application process, we have decided to move to a gender neutral age eligibility range.
Academic Year 2025 – 2026
Children born between June 1, 2019 and July 31, 2020

Grades 1 – 3 Applicants

Openings in Grade 1, Grade 2 and Grade 3 are based on attrition. It is not unusual that we experience 100% re-enrollment in these grades.

Application Deadline Is November 15, 2023

Applications for Grades 1 – 3 are no longer being accepted.

Application Eligibility

Applicants that were wait pooled last year are eligible to apply for these grades. If you were not wait pooled, or did not apply last year, please contact the Admissions office for more information

Admissions at Punahou School

View a comprehensive overview of our Admissions process for your reference.

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