Grades 4 – 5

Grades 4 – 5

In Grades 4 and 5 students are starting to discover themselves and possible passions, becoming active learners in and out of the classroom, starting to advocate for themselves, and developing their skills to become deeper thinkers. The experiences they will have are varied and ever-evolving, and are designed to promote an intrinsic love for learning. Each year we welcome an additional 50 new students, raising the overall grade level to 200 students across eight classrooms. 

Application Deadline Is November 11, 2024

Application Eligibility

Grade 4
Currently enrolled in Grade 3.

Grade 5
Openings in Grade 5 are based on attrition. It is not unusual that we experience 100% re-enrollment for Grade 5. Applicants that were wait pooled last year are eligible to apply for these grades. If you were not wait pooled, or did not apply last year, please contact the Admissions office for more information. 

Admissions at Punahou School

View a comprehensive overview of our Admissions process for your reference.

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