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Punahou has one of the largest and most successful tennis programs in the nation.

The Tennis School provides comprehensive and progressive instructional programs for students of all ages and skill levels while encouraging students to adopt tennis as a fun lifetime sport. As students progress through our programs, they will develop technical fundamentals, situational strategies, and valuable critical thinking skills.

When students join our USTA Junior Team Tennis and ILH teams, they learn to work together toward common goals and embrace a positive team mindset. From Kindergarten through high school, the emphasis is on educating, character building, and the development of life skills through the game of tennis.


Various instructional, developmental and competitive programs are offered during the school year as well as during Summer School.

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  • Group Lessons

    Open to the community, grades 1 – 8 
    Group lessons emphasize a fun learning environment and instruction that focuses on developing fundamental tennis skills, teaching positive character traits and encouraging good sportsmanship. Students advance to different levels according to individual progress, sometimes remaining within the same program for more than a year. Group lessons are a terrific way to learn the basics of the game in a group atmosphere.

    Center Court Kids I and II will not be offered at this time.  
    Center Court Kids IGrades 1 – 2Mon, Tue, Thu or Fri
    Center Court Kids IIGrades 3 – 4Wed
    Rising StarsGrades 5 – 8
    with 0 – 3 years
    For those students who are more serious and want to opt for competitive play, more information is provided below under "Invitational Programs."

  • Private Lessons

    Open to the community, grades 2 - 12
    Private lessons offer one-on-one instruction to students who are becoming more serious and desire more personal attention. Individualized stroke mechanics and technique adjustments, as well as catering to the student's specific needs, are emphasized.

    Register your child for group or private lessons through Punahou's After School and Summer School programs.
  • Invitational Programs

    Offered by coaches’ invitation only, grades 1 – 8
    Invitational programs provide advanced development of physical, technical, tactical, and mental skills, appropriate for  a student's age and ability level. These programs also prepare students for more competitive play by offering an opportunity to compete within a team environment.
    Invitations are mailed in mid May for the upcoming school year.

    Young Stars will not be offered at this time.  
    Young Stars3 – 4Mon/Thu or Tue/Fri
    Slammin Aces5 – 8Tue/Fri
    ACE Program5 – 8Mon/Thu
    Play Days1 – 8Sat

    If your child is new to Punahou tennis and would like to be considered for an invitational program, call the Tennis Office at 944.5835 to schedule an on-court player assessment.
  • Junior Excellence Tennis Program

    Open to the community, grades 9 – 12
    The Junior Excellence Tennis (JET) program is for high school students that want to take their game to the next level.  JET develops students physically and mentally, with a focus on preparing them for competition. Other key aspects of training include fitness and injury prevention with both off-court and on-court exercises.

    JET I
    Jet I is a high performance program for serious students training for sectional tournaments, national tournaments and varsity teams. Eligibility is based on USTA ranking (sectional and national), UTR rating, varsity team experience, maturity, attitude and age. Placement is based on availability and coaches’ decision. Program sessions are on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays , 5:30 – 7:30 p.m. for fall semester only, and Saturdays, 4 – 6 p.m. for both fall and spring semesters.

    JET II
    Jet II is for students training for sectional tournaments and junior varsity teams, or for those who enjoy tennis and want to continue playing in a competitive atmosphere. Eligibility is based on USTA ranking, UTR rating, junior varsity (or other compatible level) experience, maturity, attitude and age. Placement is based on availability and coaches’ decision. Program sessions are on Tuesdays and Thursdays from  5:30 - 7:00 p.m., and Saturdays 2:30 - 4:00  p.m. for both fall and spring semesters.
  • USTA Junior Team Tennis

    Open to select invitational program students, grades 5 – 8
    The Junior Team Tennis (JTT) program is a national youth tennis league sanctioned by the United States Tennis Association  (USTA) where Punahou teams compete against other teams in the community. It combines the challenge and fun of playing tennis with the educational and character-building aspects of team sports.

    In Hawai‘i, the program runs for approximately 10 – 12 weeks with practices and matches against other O‘ahu teams in both boys and girls singles, doubles and mixed doubles.

    There are two levels of teams at Punahou for playerss ages 14 and under (2.5 and 3.0). For students ages 12 and under, we may offer a green dot ball option.

    Students who are enrolled in Slamming Aces, ACE III, and ACE II programs are eligible to participate. Team placement depends on several factors including previous experience in JTT, level of skill and ability, recommendations by coaches and Team Tennis Coordinator, and age appropriateness.

    Placements are announced at the USTA Junior Team Tennis kick-off meeting in September.

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  • ILH Athletics Teams

    Punahou also offers intermediate, junior varsity and varsity level ILH athletics teams. Participation on ILH tennis teams is limited to Punahou students.


Punahou hosts, organizes and coordinates tennis tournaments at the School's facilities, as well as in the community. These tournaments provide opportunities for Punahou and non-Punahou students to participate. Punahou works closely with the USTA, HHSAA, ILH and other organizations to conduct these events for the community.

Junior Tennis Championships

Every October (during Discoverers Day weekend) Punahou organizes, hosts, and coordinates the annual Mike MacKinnon Punahou Jr. Challenger & Open Championships. The tournament is open to the public and is a wonderful opportunity for aspiring young players to begin or continue their competitive experience in the game of tennis.
Punahou offers 12U, 14U, and 16U divisions for boys and girls with singles and doubles opportunities.

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  • Facilities

    The Dillingham Tennis Complex consists of six courts and central building housing the Tennis Office and student facilities. Originally built in 1949, the complex was renovated in 2013.

    Two additional Wo Family Courts, on the hill above Wilcox Hall, were completed in summer 2010. The Nancy Spalding Complex (three upper tennis courts) closed in 2009 for construction of the Omidyar K – 1 Neighborhood.

Program Dates for 2020 - 2021

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Days, Times and Fees

Private lessons are available on weekdays, 7 a.m. – 2 p.m.; Saturdays, 8 a.m. – 6 p.mand Sundays 10 a.m. – 6 p.m. Group lessons are once a week for students with 0 – 3 years experience. See the course catalog for specific times and fees.

Other Tennis Programs

In addition to group and private lessons, Punahou Tennis offers invitational programs. These programs are offered twice a week by coaches' invitation only. If you are new to the After School Tennis program and would like to be considered for an invitational program, please call the Tennis Office to schedule an on-court player assessment session.