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Academy Counseling (S+Well)

The S+Well Counselors

The S+Well counselors have backgrounds in school counseling, social work and clinical psychology:

  • Kimee Cruz-Kalahiki
  • Tara Norcross
  • Stephanie Passamonte
  • Chaplain George Scott
  • Dr. Tracie Takeshita
  • Bennett Valencia


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  • Punahou Academy School Counseling & Community Resources

The Academy counseling team is composed of counselors, licensed psychologists, a chaplain and therapy dog. The counseling team collaborates and consults with administration, faculty and families to provide general guidance and support to help students be successful at school. Counselors encourage, intervene and advocate for students experiencing personal, academic and developmental disabilities. 
Students are welcome to use the S+Well space, located in Alexander Hall to meet with an available counselor or to self-regulate in a room on their own. The counseling team provides an array of services including but not limited to counseling, crisis intervention, consultation and educational support to parents/guardians and faculty, coordination of care with outside providers, screening assessments, and prevention and education initiatives. 

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School Counselors

Individual counseling services are available in the S+Well counseling center in Alexander Hall. 

Counselors are available during the school day from 7:45 a.m. – 4 p.m.

Resources for Immediate Support

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  • Why See a Counselor?

    Possible reasons to see a counselor:
    • Identify coping strategies
    • Prioritize wellness
    • Stress and anxiety
    • Changes in mood and/or behavior (e.g., sleep, eating habits)
    • Friends/peer relationships; dating relationships
    • Family issues
    • Grief and loss
    • Multicultural and diversity inclusion concerns
    • Academic concerns
    • Self-harm or suicidal thoughts
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