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Few schools can claim a sense of place as strong as Punahou's. Sheltered by Mānoa Valley and nourished by the waters of Ka Punahou, the lands of the New Spring have nurtured and sustained children and adults for nearly two centuries.

While the campus continues to evolve, it sustains a timeless connection to Hawaiʻi and its own history. Today, we are preparing for the future with thoughtful campus planning that enhances the landscape of learning that is so central to the Punahou experience.

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  • Alexander Field

    Adjacent to Hemmeter Fieldhouse and the Thurston P.E. Center, Alexander Field supports physical education curriculum, ILH athletics, the marching band and many other school programs and special events. The field features the 8-lane Atherton Track, concrete and grass hillside seating and a 2-story press box.
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  • Alexander Hall

    William D. Alexander Hall houses the Academy deans‘ offices, the College Counseling and Guidance Centers, the attendance office and Academy classrooms.
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  • Alumni House

    Sitting atop Rocky Hill and overlooking the campus, Alumni House serves as the home of Punahou School's Alumni Relations staff, and is a meeting place for reunion planning, alumni programs and Punahou Alumni Association activities.

    Alumni House is open weekdays from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., and is closed on state, federal and all-school holidays. Alumni House is located at 2100 Kakela Place, Honolulu, HI 96822.
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  • Bingham Hall

    Bingham Hall provides Academy classroom space for math.
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  • Bishop Hall and Bishop Learning Center

    Bishop Hall provides educational space for grades 5 – 12, with classrooms, music and art studios, conference areas, homemaking instructional facilities and the Bishop Learning Center. It is also home to the Summer School Office.
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  • Castle Art Center

    Samuel and Mary Castle Art Center provides space for ceramics, glassblowing and other art courses. The building also features a multi-purpose space for indoor physical education in grades 2 – 5, commonly known as the P. E. Pavilion.
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  • Castle Hall

    Castle Hall is home to grades 4 – 5 and Junior School administration, as well as elementary-level art and music classes.
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  • Chamberlain Field

    Located between Palm Drive and Chamberlain Drive at the lowest part of Punahou’s campus, Chamberlain Field features one baseball diamond, one softball diamond, and adjoining batting cages. In addition to hosting many athletic events and other school programs, Chamberlain Field acts as the main fairgrounds for the annual Punahou Carnival.
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  • Cooke Hall

    Cooke Hall currently accommodates three classrooms and provides offices for Academy administrators, staff and teachers, as well as a faculty workroom.
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  • Cooke Library

    Completed in 1964, Cooke Library houses a variety of resources and learning spaces for Academy students, including the Cooke Learning Commons. It also contains the Punahou Archives, Lum Hawaiiana Room, Kirsch Gallery – an exhibit area for creative arts, the Roy and Estelle L. Kelley Educational Technology Center including the Technology Service Center and classrooms.
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  • Dillingham Hall

    Dillingham Hall is the theater space for Punahou School, housing a 640-seat auditorium with a 32' proscenium orchestra pit, as well as an intimate drama workshop, a scene shop, a costume shop with over 10,000 costumes, and offices for the theater program. It is used by all grade levels for assemblies, as well as for dance and music programs.
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  • Dillingham Tennis Complex

    These six busy courts anchor a tennis program that serves 2,500 students each year, including Punahou’s ILH teams and co-curricular Tennis School students. The courts feature covered spectator seating (center courts) and locker rooms, and house the Tennis School office.
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  • Dole Hall

    Dole Hall provides cafeteria, snack bar and dining facilities for all students, faculty and staff. It includes three cafeteria spaces, the intimate “Senior Dining Room” used by grades 1 – 3, the main cafeteria and the faculty dining room. The bookstore is also located in the building.
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  • Flanders Dance Pavilion

    Josephine Flanders Dance Pavilion is home to the Punahou Dance School and features 3 studios with marlee floors and lofted ceilings. Physical education classes for grades 2 – 5 are also held here.
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  • Forrest Hall

    Forrest Hall houses the Hennrich Fitness Center and two multi-purpose physical education rooms.
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  • Gates Learning Center

    Gates Learning Center is an 8th grade educational space, focusing on themes of sustainability, innovation and entrepreneurship. The Center most prominently features Punahou’s robotics program, as well as housing the 8th grade supervisor's office.
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  • Griffiths Hall

    Griffiths Hall holds 16 classrooms and serves the Academy foreign language and social studies programs.

    A curricularly integrated community garden lies behind Griffiths Hall, where 6th, 11th and 12th graders work together to compost, plant and harvest.
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  • Hemmeter Fieldhouse

    Seating 1,800, Hemmeter Fieldhouse is designed for basketball, volleyball, general physical education and student assembly use. The 20,000 square foot gym is configurable for one main competition court, or up to three practice courts.
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  • Higgins Hall

    Ron and Sanne Higgins Hall is one of the 7th grade classroom buildings of the Case Middle School complex. The building houses two teams of roughly 90 students each and features 4 classrooms (English, math, social studies and science), as well as team space for gatherings and test taking.
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  • Kosasa Grades 2 – 5 Community

    The comprehensive redesign of Punahou’s Junior School that began with Case Middle School and continued with the Omidyar K – 1 Neighborhood will be completed by creating new facilities for our students in grades 2 – 5, a multifaceted landscape of learning that taps into children’s natural sense of curiosity, discovery and play while grounding them in an intimate and nurturing community. The first half of the Sidney and Minnie Kosasa Community for Grades 2 – 5 opened in August 2016.
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  • Kuaihelani Learning Center

    Kuaihelani Learning Center serves as the campus center for Hawaiian Studies, as well as the Creative Learning Center for the 7th grade. Kuaihelani’s Hawaiian Studies center serves students in grades K – 12. The Central Office for the Middle School and the 7th grade supervisor are also located here.
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  • Leong Hall

    Leong Hall is one of the 8th grade classroom buildings of the Case Middle School complex. The building houses two teams of roughly 90 students each and features 4 classrooms (English, math, social studies and science), as well as team space for gatherings and test taking. The ground floor of Leong Hall houses the middle school’s wood shop.
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  • Luke Center for Public Service

    Luke Center for Public Service is a gathering place for discussion and coordination of the many community service and service learning activities of the school. The Center includes office and work space, in addition to a serene conference area known as the Lily Pond Room.
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  • Mamiya Science Center

    The Mamiya Science Center houses 14 modern science classrooms and laboratories. These innovative spaces include the Morita Open Lab and Resource Room, the Gates Family Science Workshop (a K – 12 learning space), the 250-seat Herb Cornuelle Lecture Hall and faculty/staff work areas.
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  • Mau Band and Junior School Band

    Located adjacent to Alexander Field, these buildings are exclusively used for Punahou’s band programs. The larger Mau Band Building houses the Academy bands, including the concert, marching and jazz bands. The smaller Band Building houses the Junior School band program (grades 5 – 8).
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  • Miyawaki Family Hall

    Dr. Edison and Sallie Miyawaki Family Hall is one of the 8th grade classroom buildings of the Case Middle School complex. The building houses two teams of roughly 90 students each and features 4 classrooms (English, math, social studies and science), as well as team space for gatherings and test taking.
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  • Montague Hall

    Home of the Punahou Music School, Montague Hall features a large orchestra room, an 80-seat recital hall, 13 sound-proofed studios and administrative offices for the Music School, as well as for the After School Programs Office.
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  • Old School Hall

    Old School Hall provides Academy classroom space and resource offices.
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  • Omidyar K – 1 Neighborhood

    Serving 300 students in grades K – 1, this state-of-the-art facility is comprised of six buildings, integrated with several outdoor learning and play spaces.
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  • Pauahi Hall

    Easily recognized by its unique buff and blue dome, Pauahi Hall houses Academy English classrooms and faculty offices, and is the home of Ka Punahou (Academy newspaper) and the Oahuan (Academy yearbook).
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  • Pratt Aquatic Center and Waterhouse Pool

    The C. Dudley Pratt Aquatic Center, at the ground level of Hemmeter Fieldhouse, is comprised of the Elizabeth P. Waterhouse Pool and the facilities that support the Punahou swimming program including the Harry Steiner Pool Office.

    With a depth of at least 9 feet for its entire length, the Olympic-sized 50 meter by 25 yard Waterhouse Pool is the largest of any school in the state of Hawaiʻi (including the University of Hawaiʻi), at more than a million gallons.
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  • President’s Home

    Residence for the sitting Punahou School president, the house sits on the lower slope of Rocky Hill, overlooking most of the campus. With the home's large covered pavilion, the president hosts a variety of school-related functions here every year.
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  • Rice Field

    Central to the campus, Rice Field is primarily an open, multi-purpose field, featuring one softball diamond and three full outdoor basketball courts. The field is used for physical education curriculum and ILH athletics, and is a popular spot with Junior School students for free play. Rice Field is also home to events like the annual Sustainability Fair, Alumni Reunion Lūʻau and Flaming P Ceremony.
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  • Rocky Hill

    Rocky Hill, also known as Pu‘u o Mānoa, forms the upland anchor of Punahou’s storied landscape. Today, Rocky Hill is home to an apiary, tennis courts, the Alumni House and the Tank.
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  • Rocky Hill Apiary

    Bees are the world’s principal pollinator, many of our common fruits and vegetables – representing a quarter of the American diet, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture – depend on honeybees for reproduction. 
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  • Sullivan Administration Building

    The Maurice J. Sullivan Administration Building houses the school’s administrative headquarters, including the Admission, Advancement (in part), Business, Financial Aid, Human Resources, and PFA offices, as well as the President’s Office, administrative Board Room and ticket box office for Dillingham Hall.
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  • The Tank

    Located inside the Rocky Hill fallout shelter at the end of Kakela Place, the 7,000 square foot space called The Tank facilitated the sorting and storage of items for Carnival’s White Elephant Sale for many years. The Tank is no longer open for donation drop offs. Please visit the PFA web page for information about upcoming White Elephant donation drives.
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  • Thurston Memorial Chapel

    Thurston Memorial Chapel serves as the spiritual heart of Punahou. The 500-seat chapel is used for Chapel Program services, school performances and faculty and staff meetings. The chapel area also includes a “roundhouse” classroom, an open courtyard and chaplains’ offices.
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  • Thurston P. E. Center

    The Asa Thurston P. E. Center houses:
    • A multi-purpose gym space, primarily used for wrestling and gymnastics
    • Six racquetball courts and a loft gym with weight training equipment
    • One classroom space (Academy)
    • Showers and locker facilities for grades 5 – 12
    • The campus Health Center
    • Athletic and Physical Education Department offices
    • JROTC headquarters
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  • Twigg-Smith Pavilion

    This 6th grade Creative Learning Center offers a gathering place for students from across the Junior School for performances, talks and various other activities. Twigg-Smith Pavilion holds up to 400 people, with 175 fixed seats and movable bleachers with backrests.
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  • Weinberg Hall

    Weinberg Hall is one of the 6th grade classroom buildings of the Case Middle School complex. The building houses two teams of roughly 90 students each and features 4 classrooms (English, math, social studies and science), as well as team space for gatherings and test taking.
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  • Wilcox Hall

    A Creative Learning Center for grades K – 1, Wilcox Hall includes art and music classrooms, as well as areas for story telling, waterplay, wood work, animal discovery, outdoor exploration and more. The building also houses the K – 1 administration, health room and Kindergarten admissions.
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  • Wo Family Tennis Courts

    These two courts sit midway up Rocky Hill, above Wilcox Hall, and provide additional court space for various tennis programs.
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  • Wo International Center

    Wo International Center is the headquarters for student and faculty programs supporting the school's global education initiative. The center houses four classrooms, a telecommunication room, the 150-seat Luke Lecture Hall and conference spaces, as well as office space for Wo Center program administration and a portion of the Advancement Department.
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  • Wodehouse Hall

    The only single story classroom building in the Case Middle School complex, Maude & Cenric Wodehouse Hall houses one team of 6th graders. The building also provides office space for the 6th grade supervisor.
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  • Yamane Family Hall

    Kazuo and Mary Yamane Family Hall is one of the 7th grade classroom buildings of the Case Middle School complex. The building houses two teams of roughly 90 students each and features 4 classrooms (English, math, social studies and science), as well as team space for gatherings and test taking.
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