The Arts

Fine Arts

Students are encouraged to express themselves through art.

With the many courses available, the Visual Arts curriculum helps each student find joy in creating art through a variety of ways, including two- and three-dimensional media. The Visual Arts curriculum spans all grade levels, cultivating key qualities of creativity, self-expression and empathy.

Junior School

The Junior Schools art program, under the guidance of specialists, addresses basic art principles and elements, including patterns, color exploration and geometric shapes. Students in kindergarten through grade 4 have classes with an art teacher one or two days per cycle. Art classes for grades 5 – 6 meet once a cycle. Grades 7 – 8 may elect to take art in focused subjects such as sculpture, painting or general art two days per cycle.

Students in kindergarten through grade 4 have regular sessions with an art specialist while grades 5 – 6 take once-a-cycle art classes. Students in grades 7 – 8 may take elective classes in sculpture, painting or general art.

Academy School

Academy students need two Visual and Performing Arts credits to graduate and have an outstanding variety of art courses in varying disciplines to choose from, including drawing, painting, printmaking, ceramics, glassblowing, jewelry, sculpture, art history, digital art, and video.

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