• Punahou PFA: Many Hands One Community

The Punahou School Parent Faculty Association (PFA) is a non-profit volunteer organization made up of Punahou parents, faculty, and staff.

We are a diverse organization dedicated to supporting and enriching Punahou School’s vision, programs, and activities to benefit all members of the school community.All families of currently enrolled students are automatically part of the PFA organization - there are no membership dues.

The PFA is committed to:

    • Supporting school programs and activities

    • Fostering communication and collaboration among parents, faculty and the school

    • Offering a variety of inclusive and accessible opportunities for participation and involvement

    • Providing ongoing programs and parent education events to enrich each family's experience


The PFA enriches parents by hosting PFA Monthly Gatherings where you can attend great Teacher Talks, enjoy a complimentary lunch, and connect with your peers. Other enriching PFA initiatives include: Brown Bag meetings, Parent Education Fairs, parent education forums and sustainability initiatives.

Past Events Gallery

  • Flaming “P” (October 2021)

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  • PFA Volunteers at SAT Testing (September 2021)

    8 photo(s)

  • PFA Volunteers at SAT Testing (August 2021)

    9 photo(s)

  • New Families Event (July 2021)

    24 photo(s)

  • Carnival Prep (May 2021)

    15 photo(s)

  • baccalaureate  senior walk prep May 2021  IMG_6677

    PFA Volunteers Prep for Graduation (May 2021)

    22 photo(s)

  • PFA Volunteers Distributing the Oahuan (May 2021)

    8 photo(s)

  • PFA Volunteers at SAT Testing (May 2021)

    21 photo(s)

  • 2021 PFA Volunteers at SAT testing on campus

    15 photo(s)

  • 2021 PFA Virtual End-of-Year Gathering

    4 photo(s)

  • Punahou Carnival 2021

    6 photo(s)

  • 2020 PFA Volunteers at SAT testing on campus

    7 photo(s)

  • Drive-through Flu Shot Clinic: PFA Volunteers help direct Punahou Community

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  • PFA Monthly Gathering on CBL

    3 photo(s)

  • 2019 PEC Parent Coffee on Literacy

    3 photo(s)

  • Flaming P 2019

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PFA Volunteers make things happen at Punahou! They support student activities including social functions, registration days, Chapel recognition programs, Flaming “P” and graduation activities, and, of course, Carnival! 

Volunteers also support teachers through the active room/team parent program and host the Kirsch Gallery. PFA volunteers assist with the admission process, offering campus tours and welcoming new parents to Punahou through the New Families Program. Through the education and communication committees, these volunteers assist other parents during parent nights, Teacher Talks at the monthly meetings, Brown Bag lunches, Parent Education speakers and a Parent Education Fair. All parents are invited and encouraged to participate in these fun and rewarding activities. 

Opportunities are available for short, one-time projects or varying levels of commitment. Experienced volunteers regularly step up to take on more responsibility through leadership roles.

Volunteer Opportunities

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  • PFA Hospitality Committee

    Plan and create centerpieces and decorate the President’s Pavilion in preparation for the PFA Monthly Gathering and PFA Leadership team events.

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Contact Us

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PFA Board of Directors 2020 – 2021

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  • Shandis Ching

  • Kaneali‘i Ng-Osorio


  • Donna Yoshimoto

    Administrative Vice President
  • Allison Higa

    Communications Vice President
  • AlvaAnn Lai

    New Family/Admissions Vice President
  • Lori Tam

    Volunteer Vice President
  • Julie Chang

  • Gaye Johnston

  • Ivy Asano

    Academy (9 – 12) Chair
  • Yvette Imanaka

    Middle School (6 – 8) Chair
  • Marin Nakasone

    Grades 2 – 5 Chair
  • Jamie Churchill

    Grades K – 1 Chair
  • Marci Ching

    Academy Faculty Representative
  • Ann Monaco

    Middle School Faculty Representative
  • Joe Mazzullo

    Junior School Faculty Representative

PFA Elected Positions

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  • Joyce Wong

    Carnival Chair-Elect
  • Lani Moody

    Variety Show 2021 Chair
  • Kimi Takazawa

    Graduation 2021 Chair
  • Rachel Murkofsky

    Grade 1 Representative
  • Kristie Kawakami Wong

    Grade 2 Representative
  • Kelsy Suen

    Grade 3 Representative
  • Jenny Suzuki

    Grade 4 Representative
  • Kim Sato

    Grade 5 Representative
  • Vanessa Kau

    Grade 6 Representative
  • Brooke Sakamoto

    Grade 7 Representative
  • Michelle Nouchi Ogata

    Grade 8 Representative
  • Michelle Van Rafelghem

    Grade 9 Representative
  • Lori Shigekane

    Grade 10 Representative
  • Sarah Morihara

    Grade 11 Representative
  • Chad Okumura

    Grade 12 Representative
  • Andrea Bender

    Academy Faculty Nominating
  • Joy Yamashiro

    Academy Parent Nominating