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The Group Piano Program is a comprehensive course of piano study that builds a solid foundation for music learning through active group participation.

In small groups of three to six students, children develop proper piano technique, learn note reading and the fundamentals of music. Children also learn to respond to music through listening and movement activities. The curriculum is designed to take an average of two to three school years to complete.

To complete the registration process for the Group Piano Program:
  1. View the informational video below.
  2. Complete the online registration, as appropriate. (Registration must be submitted BEFORE signing up for a placement interview.)
  3. Sign-up for the REQUIRED parent orientation and placement interview activities for your child.
  4. Download and complete the program forms (forms include a policy agreement, student schedule information and parent questionnaire). These forms will need to be submitted electronically by July 24 and should be submitted with your child’s introduction video. 


List of 12 items.

  • Can we start piano lessons on a keyboard? What kind of instrument is adequate and appropriate?

    Unfortunately a keyboard does not meet the minimum instrument requirements.  Your instrument should be a digital piano (full-range of 88 keys with touch sensitivity and a damper pedal) or an acoustic piano (upright or grand) in good, well-maintained condition.
  • We're not sure if we want to invest in an instrument. Can't we just see if our child likes the class first?

    Your child will enjoy a rewarding experience and will only be able to prepare their assignment fully when supported with an appropriate instrument. There are a variety of instruments available in a wide range of prices.  
  • When I took piano I had private lessons. Aren't private lessons better than group lessons?

    We find that starting piano in a small group setting is extremely motivating for children.  In addition to having the camaraderie and support of friends, students build confidence playing with and performing for others.  The class format provides a flexible learning environment with additional reinforcement activities.
  • I don’t read music or play the piano. How can I help my child?

    You can help as a practice buddy by carefully reviewing the assignment with your child and lending an enthusiastic, listening ear.  Your support will be deeply appreciated.
  • Will our child be escorted to class after school?

    If your child is scheduled in a weekday class section that starts at 1 pm (during Summer School) or at 3 pm (during the Academic Year) or is registered in After School Care, walking services will be provided. 

    Parents of children scheduled for classes that start after 1 p.m. (during Summer School) or 3 p.m. (during the Academic Year) or who are not registered in After School Care are responsible for their children at the school day dismissal time. The Music School has a procedure in place for parents needing to drop off their children at Montague Hall. A Music School staff member will meet the children at the designated drop-off/pick-up location to ensure that they are brought to their class.
  • How do I pick up my child from class?

    If your child is enrolled in After School Care, walking services will be provided to return the children back to After School Care following the class.

    The Music School has a procedure in place for parents who need to pick up their child from Montague Hall. Parents must come promptly at the class dismissal time to pick up their children. A Music School staff member will supervise the child at the drop-off/pick-up location.
  • What is the schedule for group piano classes?

    Classes will meet on the same assigned day and time for the duration of the program. The schedule will be confirmed after the placement interview.
  • Would my child be assigned to the same class for the whole program?

    Children enjoy working together and developing trusting relationships as a class, so the student groupings will continue together for two or three years. The program reserves the right to re-group, as necessary.
  • Will my child be participating in performances or recitals?

    Most studios offer informal performance opportunities throughout the year as well as annual recitals.
  • May we makeup lessons if our child misses a class?

    Since the group meets as a class, there are no make-up lessons for missed classes.  The weekly assignment sheet will be forwarded to you in the event your child misses class.
  • How much does my child need to practice?

    Assist your child in scheduling 15-20 minute practice sessions at least 5 days a week.  Please plan on increasing the duration of these sessions as piano studies proceed. 
  • When will we be notified of class placement?

    We recognize that families may be anxious to confirm their afterschool schedules.  Parents will be notified by the end of the last day of interviews.
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