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Eric, Myra, Erin '95, Wendy '02 Kusunoki

Eric, Erin ’95, and Wendy ’02, established this endowed fund to honor the memory of their late wife and mother, Myra, and also in gratitude to Punahou School for all of the many educational opportunities they experienced.  Eric and Myra were both trained as educators and though not alumni, as teachers and parents, both were impressed and inspired by Punahou’s mission, values, culture, and traditions that embraced Erin and Wendy from K-12 and beyond.
Both of them were able to receive the precious gift of a Punahou education along with all of the memories, connections, and lifetime friendships that they forged growing up here. As a family, they will always be grateful to Punahou School for everything and hope that this fund can help other families receive the same gifts and enjoy the same opportunities.  Punahou School changed the life of our entire family for the better.  We wish to help it do the same for others.
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