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Chris A. '67 and Christine Smith

I graduated from Punahou in 1967. Following Punahou, I attended the University of Oregon where I graduated with a degree in architecture. My education at Punahou was formative in the eventual success I attained in business as a developer. While classes in architecture and art history prepared me well for my future career, math and the sciences were a great help. As you attend college, you discover that the education and educational opportunities you receive at Punahou are exceptional and often exceed the early college curriculum.
There is another experience you take with you if you attend college off-Island, and that is what I value most to this day and why my wife and I spend as much time in the Islands as possible; Hawai‘i is and will always be my true home. That is the experience of growing up among so many cultures and races. While we are all from different backgrounds, in Hawai‘i we are one. Take this with you throughout life and extend the spirit of Aloha worldwide. Our example as residents of Hawai‘i, is that we are one world, one people. Remember your experiences at Punahou and realize how lucky you are to attend one of the finest institutions in the world. Study hard, work hard, play hard and Give Back!
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