The Punahou Journey
Junior School

Grade 6

In sixth grade, 88 new students join returning Punahou students, bringing the grade to around 290 students in total. Students are each placed on a four-teacher team of 96 students for their core (English, math, science, social studies) classes, one of whom serves as a child's homeroom teacher. These teams reside in Weinberg Hall and Wodehouse Hall, part of the Case Middle School facility.
The curriculum incorporates a variety of tangible, visible experiences with units like biomimicry, exploring Mesopotamia, and engineering design challenges. PE, music, outdoor education, chapel and required “enrichment” courses round out the curricular experience.  Enrichment course offerings vary and may include: Art, Design Technology, Digital Photography, Gardening, Culinary Arts, Health, Library, SEEL Skills, Theatre and Woodcraft.

Musical performances transition from class-based (in grade 5 and under) to ensembles of choir, orchestra and band. Students may also opt to perform in the annual May Day celebration.

In a typical year, a four-day, three-night experience at Camp Palehua (formerly Timberline) is one of many memories that children will remember from their year. Social events for the year include team-based activities and a sixth-grade Fun Day (a whole-family event).