Maps, Parking and Visitors

Drivers bringing students to Punahou should become familiar with traffic rules of the School. Signs and directional arrows indicate flow of traffic through the campus. Pickup or dropoff of passengers should be clear of through lanes with attention to the safety of all involved. Unloading should be prompt, and using indicators facilitates re-entry into traffic flow.

All numbered parking stalls and areas are for assigned use only. At no time should students park on campus unless authorized. Visitors (including parents) should park in the visitor lot across from the Sullivan Administration Building unless otherwise directed by Punahou Security. Fines, disciplinary or towing actions will be assessed against those who do not adhere to these rules.

For special event parking, contact Punahou Security.

Visiting Campus

Prospective Families

Small group guided tours are offered to applicant families during the admission process only.


Media representatives interested in tours or general information should contact:

Laurel Bowers '71 Husain
Director of Communications

Foreign Educators

Requests for tours from foreign educators must be submitted in writing on official stationery from the visiting school to Wo International Center.