Social, Emotional and Ethical Learning

If success is more than GPAs, test scores and name brand colleges, what does it look like? According to a growing number of educators, it needs to include social, emotional and ethical skills, bringing what were previously thought of as “soft skills” closer to the instructional core.

At Punahou, cultivating social and emotional intelligence and ethical awareness is just as important as academic rigor for true college preparation. This is the kind of highly self-aware, intrinsically-motivated thinking that social and emotional learning is all about. Each student is nurtured toward wholeness of mind and spirit, emotion and logic, intellect and intuition. 

Students have multiple touchpoints with adults across campus, including deans, advisors, faculty and counselors. These adults act as full-time listeners, mentors, advocates and communication partners amongst students, teachers and the School, ensuring everyone is on the same page and the same team for a child’s growth.