Academy (9 – 12)

The principal, assistant principals and two deans per grade level oversee Academy students. Each dean pair moves with their class of more than 425 students through the four years in the Academy. Classroom size averages 18 – 22 students, with some smaller seminars and labs, and larger lectures. 

Academy students have increasing levels of choice during the four high-school years. They select courses from an extensive catalog, personalizing the mix of classes in a modular schedule.

With the student at the center of the Academy curriculum, the goal is to provide students an environment and variety of experiences that will enable them to develop the skills and attitudes necessary for success as lifelong, independent learners prepared to contribute to their community and make a difference.

College preparatory graduation requirements include credits in English, language, mathematics, science, social studies, physical education, and visual and performing arts. Each year, 99 percent of graduates go on to college.

Beyond Curriculum

In addition to the curricular experience, Punahou offers Academy students a wide variety of co-curricular after school programs, as well as opportunities for athletics, clubs and travel.