The Punahou Experience

Student writing in a journal
Students working on project

Engaged Learning

In Punahou’s dynamic and attentive learning environment, students have opportunities and encouragement to determine their own journey. When encouraged to try new ideas or experiences and take charge of their own learning, students open up meaningful pathways for exploration and growth.

Choice and Opportunity

From Shakespeare to theoretical physics, robotics to symphony orchestra, athletics to global travel—every opportunity crafts and curates skills and passions for the future.

Environmental Science, Anthropology, Biotechnology, Oceanography, Astronomy, Marine Biology, Culinary Chemistry ...

Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Street Dance, Musical Theater ...

Design, Shop, Engineering, App Development, Robotics ...

Glass Blowing, Wheel Throwing, Ceramics, Metals, Sculpture ...

Concert Orchestra, Marching Band, Hawaiian Music Ensemble, Private Lessons ...

Hawaiian ‘Ōlelo (language) and Immersion, Mele, Oli, Hula, Culture ...


Punahou’s legacy of two gifts, the unique blend of Hawaiian and missionary, shapes the current culture of the School. The community values the many ways one can live a meaningful life. Each child has unique gifts to discover, develop and share with the world


Sense of Place


Built on the lands of Ka Punahou, named for the spring at the center of campus, the sense of place, of belonging, is an integral part of the learning experience. The spring represents self-reflection and self-renewal, and a shared duty to protect and preserve the land.


Deep Connections


The city, the island, the state and the global community are embraced as one big classroom, leading students to embrace opportunities to recognize their worth and potential in an expansive worldview.


High Expectations


For every Punahou student, the path looks different. By the time students graduate, they’re more than ready to thrive no matter what they choose to do next.


Climate of Care


Students have multiple touchpoints with adults across campus. Deans, advisors, faculty and counselors act as full-time listeners, mentors, advocates and communication partners.