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Safety at Punahou

Punahou School’s highest priority is ensuring the health, safety and well-being of its community.

Punahou encourages students and parents to talk with teachers, deans, counselors and administrators if they have any concerns or questions regarding their safety or the safety of other students.

If you or a student you know is in an unsafe or challenging situation; experiencing or witnessing drug or alcohol use or addiction; harassment, intimidation or bullying; sexual abuse or harassment; suicidal thoughts, inclinations or actions; or violence or threats of violence, we urge you to notify the School or submit an anonymous report through the Punahou Community Hotline.

Over the past few years, Punahou has taken significant steps to address student safety, and we are grateful for the dedication that our faculty and staff have put toward this effort. Working with nationally recognized experts in school safety and security, we have implemented the following:

If you have any questions or concerns about school safety, please contact:

Punahou Community Hotline
A third party, 24-hour-a-day hotline for anonymous reporting of sexual misconduct and abuse. 
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Important Phone Numbers

For personal problems, employees may receive confidential professional short-term help through Punahou’s Employee Assistance Program