Castle Art Center

Samuel and Mary Castle Art Center provides space for ceramics, glassblowing and other art courses. The building also features a multi-purpose space for indoor physical education in grades 2 – 5, commonly known as the P. E. Pavilion.


Castle Art Center was completed in the fall of 1978. Built over what was once the Alexander Tennis Courts (a set of three courts from the 1920s), it was constructed as part of the Physical Education and Athletics Complex project.
Samuel Northrup and Mary Tenney Castle
Samuel Northrup Castle, a pioneer missionary to Hawaii in 1836, was active in both business and philanthropy in the community. With the founding of the internationally prominent Castle & Cooke Corporation in 1851, the financial basis for a permanent charitable endowment in Hawai'i was created.

After the death of Samuel N. Castle, in 1894, Mary Tenney Castle established the Samuel N. Castle Memorial Trust to provide for the citizens of the independent Hawaiian Republic. Committing a substantial share of the family's assets to perpetual charity, the Trust funded kindergartens, social welfare, building projects, international relief, and programs related to the Americanization of Hawai'i's multicultural population. In 1925, the Trust was reorganized in corporate form as the Samuel N. and Mary Castle Foundation.