Forrest Hall

Forrest Hall houses the Hennrich Fitness Center and two multi-purpose physical education rooms.


Funded by Walter F. Dillingham and others, the orignal version of this building was completed in 1923 to house the girls' locker room and named Griffiths Hall in honor of Arthur Floyd Griffiths' dedication to developing physical education programs. The building became a social center for girls and spurred the growth of the girls athletics program.

Reconstructed as part of Punahou's Memorial Center in 1952, the building was renamed Forrest Hall in honor of Aileen Gibb Forrest.

Aileen Gibb (1915) Forrest
Aileen Forrest served as executive secretary of the Alumni Association in the 1920s and 30s, and was actively involved in fundraising for the school. In 1954, during her tenure as secretary to the president, the alumni association honored Aileen with their inaugural 'O' in Life Award.