Rocky Hill

Rocky Hill, also known as Pu‘u o Manoa, forms the upland anchor of Punahou’s storied landscape. Today, Rocky Hill is home to an apiary, tennis courts, the Alumni House and the Tank.
As the School’s curriculum evolves to include more interdisciplinary, experiential and inquiry-based teaching approaches, faculty are seeing the 76-acre campus as fertile ground for outdoor education. Rocky Hill is evolving as a garden for native plants, a place to study erosion and ecosystem restoration, and a site for on-campus camping experiences.

Since the School’s earliest days, Rocky Hill has captured students’ imagination – first as a wild outback, complete with cattle and mules, where boarders could adventure on the weekends, then as a lookout post during Punahou’s wartime incarnation as a base for the Army Corps of Engineers. When the Corps returned the campus to the School, they had created the Rocky Hill storage facility that has now become the Tank, from which the Carnival’s White Elephant is staged each year.