Training and Rehabilitation

Sports Medicine

The Punahou Athletic Training staff provide first aid and health care to all Punahou students, specifically those participating in interscholastic athletics. Athletes who are competing for Punahou, but have sustained an injury in a situation unrelated to their Punahou team activities, will be responsible for their own medical care. The staff will assist with emergency care and treatment of non-athletes who sustain an injury at school. However, responsibility for rehabilitation will be that of the individual student and his/her family.


Injury Prevention
  • Monitor injury trends via collection and analysis of Punahou athletic injury data and recommend appropriate changes in team training to reduce injury risk
  • Select, apply and modify prophylactic and protective equipment and other custom devices for patients/clients to minimize the risk of injury or re-injury.
Management of Athletic Injuries
  • Emergency Care
  • First Aid
  • Injury Evaluation
  • Referral
  • Practice and Competition Coverage
Rehabilitation of Athletic Injuries
  • Design and implement therapeutic exercise program
  • Utilize therapeutic modalities in treatment plan

Standard of Care

The health and welfare of student athletes is Punahou’s first concern. The Punahou Athletic Training Staff adheres to the NATA Code of Ethics and the Athletic Training Educational Competencies as established by the NATA. 


Athletic Training Room Staff are committed to:

  • Providing efficient and timely care of athletic injuries that are incurred by Punahou athletes during their competitive season
  • Enabling injured athletes to return safely to competition
  • Reducing the risk of athletic injury for our student-athletes
  • Educating student-athletes about athletic injuries so they are empowered to lead healthier, injury-free lives
  • Coordinating with the strength and conditioning program, the coaches, the athletic support staff, school administration, physicians and other healthcare providers to provide the best possible healing environment for our student athletes
  • Facilitating a safe return to school and sport for student athletes after a concussion by coordinating care between teachers, school administration, counselors, the health center, parents, coaches, and the student athlete

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