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  • Kindergarten

    Oct. 1

  • Grades 4 – 5

    Oct. 31

  • Grades 6 – 12

    Nov. 15

  • Grades 1 – 3

    Dec. 31

  • Financial Aid

    Feb. 15

Welcome to Punahou, a vibrant K – 12 community where children flourish through discovery, collaboration, and creative exploration. Guided by caring, accomplished teachers, our students find many paths to success.

Our state-of-the-art 76-acre campus offers spacious studio classrooms and gardens; design and fabrication labs abuzz with invention; dedicated visual and performing arts spaces; and expansive athletic facilities. Your child will find an array of opportunities to explore who they are and their interests.

At Punahou, students gain the confidence and resilience they need to navigate college, careers, and life successfully. The friendships and connections they make on campus create bonds that last a lifetime. We look forward to sharing our community and school with you as you explore a Punahou education for your child.
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How do you envision your child’s journey?

List of 4 items.

  • At Punahou, we embrace school, life and the world as one big classroom.

    And we believe every moment, person, conversation and experience holds the potential to help us discover new perspectives and to shape our own lifetime journeys.

  • A classroom for finding his place.

    From second to fifth grade at Punahou, it’s all about connections: How does the past inform his present? How do the things he uses each day work, and what can he learn from that? How can he use his imagination to invent new tools and techniques?

    His questions inform his study of our island home and his kuleana to it, along with his responsibility to continue exploring new paths and challenging himself.

    His teachers show him that his ideas and opinions hold weight and it’s through his further inquiries that he creates deeper understanding.

  • A classroom for choosing his own adventure.

    In Middle School, he’s still a fun and funny child – and we let him be. We also know that his mind is constantly wondering (and sometimes wandering.)

    So his teachers give him just enough direction and focus to continue fostering his questions, his explorations and his ever-expanding opinions and conclusions.

    All while preparing him to make thoughtful choices during his high-school experience and to continuously find happiness in his learning.

  • A classroom for owning her choices.

    By 9th grade, we give our Academy student charge over her schedule, opening a new world of opportunities and resources for her own learning.

    She can travel abroad for leadership or deeper study, start an organization to help her community, pursue music and mathematics, physiology and art, Hawaiian language and human behavior - or all of them throughout her Academy years.