Leadership and Faculty

Punahou’s leadership builds on the School’s legacy by driving innovation while holding fast to important traditions, celebrating and expanding the tremendous diversity of the School, and honoring the distinctive culture created by the two founding gifts of the School. The gifts, one of land from Hawaiian ali'i, the other of Protestant missionary's educational vision, underpin Punahou’s unique cultural fusion of Hawaiian and Western heritage and call Punahou to a different type of leadership. 

The academic, cultural and administrative leaders of the School and the Punahou community inspire and provide sound management as the School looks to integrate its legacy with the needs of today’s students in a rapidly changing, global environment. Punahou’s administrators are thought leaders in education who are energized by the opportunity to delve into questions about the changing nature of learning and chart an ambitious path forward. They are visionaries who lead with confidence during these dynamic times and who lead with sound judgment, making data-driven decisions with a steady hand and humble spirit. Punahou’s leadership conveys to the youngest learners and the most senior alumni the broad ambitions for the School and its commitment to helping every child find his or her path.

As an educational leader, Punahou is committed to encouraging and supporting teachers to become reflective practitioners, researchers, scholars and authors, with the expectation that they will contribute meaningfully to a broader understanding of teaching and learning. Punahou offers professional development opportunities for educators, both within the School and from the community, to engage within a supportive learning community for personal growth and to improve instruction. Punahou is also committed to serving the greater needs of the community through including students from public and private schools, both local and international, in programs such as the JROTC Magnet program, PUEO and SGLI.

The Art of Teaching

Every Punahou graduate remembers at least one teacher who changed his or her life. More than anything else, it is the thoughtfulness and dedication of our faculty throughout the School’s history that has inspired countless Punahou students to face the world’s challenges with leadership and vision.

While diverse in experience, Punahou faculty members share a commitment to teaching and learning. Teachers are selected not only for their academic background but also for their enthusiasm and vigor in their approach to teaching and for their commitment to students.

Punahou teachers create classroom learning environments which support self-discovery and the development of the character traits and habits of mind which will prepare students to make a difference in the world. They do this while fully embracing the mindset of a lifelong learner, seeking out meaningful feedback from their peers and taking advantage of the myriad professional development opportunities made available to them by the School and other educational institutions.