Design Technology and Engineering


Safety is our top priority so we have developed a comprehensive Safety System. All users must follow this systematic protocol that requires them to attend training sessions and demonstrate the knowledge and skills needed to work safely in the Design Labs.

Safety Certification must be received before using equipment independently. Everyone is welcome to work in the labs with supervision.

Please adhere to the standard operating procedures posted on the website and in the lab unless specific clearance from DTE faculty has been given. 

Anyone using the lab should comply immediately with any request made by DT faculty or staff regarding safety.

We have established a safety system that will be implemented across the campus. The system involves standardized safety training and a database to track student and faculty “levels”. Students and faculty will be required to take and pass the training and have the results recorded in the database before they can use any area of the facility without direct supervision. Students and Faculty must log in and then wear the appropriate safety badge corresponding to their level when using the labs. There will be no exceptions to this policy.

Please be aware that even students using the facility as part of a course must pass safety checks so that they can work with indirect supervision in their areas of the lab they have certification for. Please allow time for this in your planning or check how many of your students need the required certification and request they attend a regularly scheduled training outside class time.

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  • Jr Yellow Level

    Junior School students should contact Jeremiah Hueske or drop by the Kosasa Lab to get started on their wood project.

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  • Yellow Level

    Academy students should contact Daywe Tasaka-Shoda or drop by KRLL to get started on their wood mallet project.

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  • Orange Level

    Academy students should contact Mike Trusso or drop by KRLL to get started on their mill and lathe projects.

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