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  • Do you have materials for my project?

    We stock some standard materials. Depending on the scale of your project you may need to purchase your own materials. Materials the department might have:
    • PLA Filament
      • Cost: $1 per 10 g
    • 2” x 4” Wood
      • Cost: $5 per 8ft stick
    • Plywood of various thicknesses
      • $23 per sheet of ⅛”
      • $46 per sheet of ¼”
      • $70 per sheet of ½”
      • $92 per sheet of ¾”
      • $138 per sheet of 1"
    • Acrylic sheets of various thicknesses (cost varies)
    • Aluminium sheets of various thicknesses (cost varies)
    • Vinyl sheets
      • Vinyl Sticker: 5cents per square inch
      • Color Sticker: 10cents per square inch
  • How can I use a design lab?

    We have implemented a school wide safety certification system. By completing the necessary steps you may come in during open lab to work on your projects.

    If you would like to schedule a class/event in the lab please contact the head of the facility.
  • How do I begin my project if I don’t know how to make it?

    We're working on a resource library of videos, manuals, and sample projects to help you learn. 

    A plan is essential to a successful project. Before you come into the lab, please fill out one of the forms to help you get started: KRLL design lab.

    If you find a design you like online, you can fabricate it in the design labs. However, you must recreate it yourself and ensure that you are not infringing on intellectual property rights. Our facilities are for learning. There are online services and local makerspaces that will manufacture online designs for you.
  • When are the labs open for me to work?

    Please see the calendar for open hours this semester.


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  • Onshape

    Trello board outline of content:,
    3 hours of instruction.
    if you can't view Episode 1, email Mr. Lai
    1. Create account, menus, camera navigation, select entities, show/hide, rollback. [24 min]
    2. Extrude, revolve [27 min]
    3. Sweep, loft, chamfer, fillet [10 min]
    4. Sketch on faces, planes, split [8 min]
    5. Sketch relationships [13 min]
    6. Dimensioning [9 min]
    7. Sketch patterns [7 min]
    8. Logos 1 [16 min]
    9. Logos 2 [16 min]
    10. Splines basics [6 min]
    11. Splines tracing logo [8 min]
    12. Understanding mates [7 min]
    13. Mate number practice [8 min]
    14. Review, Drawings, version control, Featurescript [13 min]
    15. How to teach Onshape [16 min]
  • Prepping files for 3dp and laser cutting

    • Tinkercad top, front, right
    • Tinkercad dimension reality check
    • Calipers and verifying dimensions
    • Illustrator layout for laser cutting
    • Lasercutting a box:
      • makercase
      • Onshape FeatureScript
      • "by hand" in CAD
  • Rhino

    Ask for help if you need Rhino installed through Punahou IT
  • TinkerCad

    Tinkercad is a 3D computer-aided design (CAD) program made by Autodesk. It is web-based, meaning that all you need is an internet browser.

    It is taught to students as young as 4th grade and all the way up through adults!

    Tinkercad is simply adding and subtracting shapes—volumetric arithmetic, if you will—along with changing dimensions, relocating, and reorienting the shapes.

    Learn More 

Help with Specific Requests

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  • Taryn Loveman

    Contact Taryn Loveman if you have questions about the DTE Department or you're not sure who to contact.
  • Ed Kinnear

    Contact Ed Kinnear if you have questions about the Ken Richardson Learning Lab or Academy curriculum and clubs.
  • Jordan Ushijima

    Contact Jordan Ushijima if you have questions about the Frear Woodshop Design Lab or Middle School curriculum and clubs.
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