Design Technology and Engineering

Design Labs

Our Design Labs are used to promote and encourage integrated instruction from every department at Punahou. We support activity in student clubs by providing open lab times and training to individual members of the Punahou community.

We want to enable teachers and students to build not just their own projects, but also community based projects which grow from the centers, courses, and clubs. Come learn about cutting edge technology and academic structures to promote innovation in teaching and learning.

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  • Universal Lab Rules

    • You must wear closed shoes in all the Design Labs
    • Long hair should be tied up & away
    • No headphones when working with machines
    • Wear safety glasses over your prescription glasses
    • Tools should not be removed from the Design Labs without permission from DT staff
    • Materials for private projects should be self-funded (there might be some exceptions)
  • Student Access and Use

    • Work during times or class meetings reserved by their teacher.
    • Attend club meetings scheduled in the labs.
    • Attend open lab times.
      • Request an appointment to receive support for personal projects or group help.
      • Drop-in and request help or space to work. Note: drop-in requests will be prioritized below scheduled activity or reservations.
    • Attend work sessions and trainings at any design lab.
  • Teacher Access and Use

    Book Work Space and/or DT Department Support for Your Course
    • The number of hours, availability of storage and the intended activity of the students all play a factor in reserving space. We want to make the facility available for a wide group of users so limits on total time and types of activity may need to be negotiated.
    • You can book space/time/tech support through Mike Trusso (KRLL manager) or Ade Ogunniyi (Kosasa manager). You can also request DT department support for any phase of course integration through Taryn Loveman.
    • Teachers may also reserve the facility for events related to DT departmental or Punahou vision or goals. Examples would be “maker days”, entrepreneurial presentations, guest teachers or community speakers related to fabrication, innovation, design, technology, engineering, entrepreneurism, robotics, global sustainability, art, craftsmanship, design thinking, Hawaiian culture etc…
    Work on a Private Project
    • Teachers may come to posted open work times to work on private or school related projects. Support will be available on a first come first serve basis during these sessions.
    • We will not support production runs of items intended for commercial sale. Please restrict to low numbers of items intended for school or private use, early prototyping or personal learning and growth.
    • Requests for help or space to work on a drop in basis will be prioritized. Scheduled activity or reservations will be honored first.
    Get Training
    • Teachers can request individual appointments for training or attend trainings which will be held regularly throughout the year.
    • You can also request to observe or participate in collaborative teaching and learning.
  • Community Access and Use

    • You can request DT department support through Taryn Loveman.
    • You can request to observe or participate in collaborative teaching and learning.
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