Design Technology and Engineering


The Design Technology and Engineering Department recognizes Academy students for excellence with several kinds of awards.

Students may earn class awards in a variety of categories for achievement within a single class. The criteria and descriptions for these awards are available on the "class awards" section of our webpage and students may be nominated by faculty or may self-nominate for consideration if they feel their work is at the level of or greater than the exemplars provided by their teachers.

We also recognize the achievement of students in community events such as contests, club competitions, volunteerism or design challenges. Recognized work will appear on the community recognition section of our webpage.

The Design Technology and Engineering Distinction award is a recognition of sustained excellence and commitment over a multi-year period. This award recognizes a combination of achievement in coursework, community service, club activity, social emotional learning and competency based learning mastery. The criteria and process for applying for this portfolio-based award is available on the DTE Distinction awards section of our website.
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