Design Technology and Engineering

The goal of the Punahou DT team is to build and maintain a student-centered, school-wide environment designed to empower the development of the social-emotional skills, technical abilities, design thinking and growth mindset needed to translate the Mission and Values of Punahou into positive and purposeful action in the real world.

Our department is dedicated to empowering students to take purposeful action. We teach students to look for the educational opportunities in taking on the challenges that they encounter, discover and create. Students learn more deeply when they are engaged in solving problems and working on challenges that inspire them. Think back to your own education, what educational experiences do you have the strongest memories of? What if a huge part of your education could be like those highlight memories? We think it can.


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  • iPad Sign-in Stations

    When entering the labs, scan your Punahou ID. The scan will show your current certification safety level. Don’t forget to sign out on the iPad with your Punahou ID.
  • Academy Clubs Enrolling Now

    Join the ‘Enehana (Computer Science) Club!
  • DTech

    Join DTech to learn how to use design lab tools, work in groups to gain experience in the rapid prototyping process, and gain real world experience in design project management.


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