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Kosasa Design Labs

The new Kosasa labs are part of a network of labs across the school run by The Design Technology and Engineering Department.

The department delivers curriculum across four main threads:
  1. Computer science- coding, 2D design software, AI, 3D design software (CAD, VR, CAM) etc
  2. Fabrication- woodwork, metal work, and power tools, cooking, digital machines like lasers, CNC routers, 3D printing, electronics etc
  3. Social emotional work- centered on knowing yourself, participating on team and developing empathy for the needs of other people or communities.
  4. Design Theory- Design Thinking and "Ku Hala" Hawaiian design systems.
As part of the overall program the department runs labs which operate in five main modes:
  1. Direct instruction in courses and elective courses
  2. Clubs - robotics, fabrication, sewing, VR, wood work, cooking, entrepreneurship etc
  3. Integration with classroom teachers
  4. Supporting independent projects
  5. Training for teacher and students

Grade 2 – 5 Safety Certification Procedures

Middle School Safety Procedures

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Location: Kosasa Neighbeorhood (Junior School)
Contact: Taryn Loveman

*NOTE: If you need training or certification please schedule an appointment during Open Lab times.

List of 5 items.

  • Mau/Stone Design and Engineering Lab (Design Lab 1)

    This is the largest lab and is used primarily by students grade 4 – 12 but like all the labs is open to any student that needs it. The lab has many prototyping machines so that kids can turn ideas into real products for the purpose of either demonstrating ideas, developing skills, practicing design theory or actual client use. The lab has laser cutters, 3D printers, sticker printing machines, wood tools, metal tools, electronics, CNC routers, sewing machines both CNC and traditional, lathes, mills, robotics and many other specialized tools. There is a lānai which provides outdoor building space and it is connected to Lab 1 by a garage door.
  • Design Lab 2 & 3

    Lab 2 and 3 are used primarily by grade 2 – 5 during the school day and by clubs after school. They have a variety of tools, electronics, robotics, mobile work tables, sinks, computers and software. The labs are separated by a foldable wall that can be altered to create space for larger group or space hungry activities.
  • Design Lab 4: Black Box

    Lab 4 is a shared space used both for drama and theater and for the Virtual Reality program. The large open space is ideal for filming against a green screen wall or being detected by location sensors for interactive VR experiences.
  • Design Lab 5

    Lab 5 is used primarily for grades 6 – 8 elective courses during the day and clubs such as robotics after school. The lab also contains a massive storage wall with carts that can be rolled out to the front three labs as the instructional units change. There is also an area to store large material such as 4x8 sheet of plywood or metal.
  • Design Lab 6: Demo Kitchen

    Kitchen space that has an outdoor eating area and also presentation stage.

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