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Within our department, we spearhead major initiatives that align with our philosophy, mission and aims.

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  • Ku Hala

    The most well-known Design Thinking process (from Hasso-Plattner Institute of Design at Stanford is a solution-based, human-centered approach used to solve complex or even unknown problems.

    However, it can be overly driven by the desire to create an end product that has immediate applicability and benefit. Its impact on intergenerational values and practices, the source of long term, community resilience, can easily be overlooked.

    Punahou’s unique Design Thinking process takes the current understanding of Design Thinking and customizes it to address the unique needs of the Punahou community. Additionally, the modifications were made with the intention to support other cultures to take this model and change it to suit their needs, perspectives, and values.

    The Kū Hala process, as well as its brand, was co-developed in partnership between the Punahou’s Design Technology Department, its Kuaihelani Learning Center, and Salted Logic.

    The name, Kū Hala, means “Be the hala!” Stand tall and be useful like the hala or pandanus tree.
  • Professional Development Initiatives

    • Safety and Technical Training to Support Hawaiian-based Explorations Classes
    • Computer Aided Design Training
    • Kū Hala (placed based design) Training
  • Curricular Initiatives

    • Revision and update of K – 12 curricular map.
    • Pilot implementation of new K – 12 computer aided design (CAD) and computer aided machining (CAM) standards.
    • Pilot development and implementation of Augmented and Virtual reality curriculum.
    • Piloting of Kū Hala implementation.
  • Department Specific Initiatives

    • Emergent Technology and Engineering Labs/ Program and Facility
    • Voyaging Program
    • Kū Hala, Ke Kilohana and Distinctions
    • Junior School Curriculum and Pedagogy
    • Community Outreach
    • Expanded after school and summer programs
    • GSD
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