Dr. Darragh O’Carroll ’03

2022 Samuel Chapman Armstrong Humanitarian Awardee
Dr. Darragh O’Carroll has been recognized in Hawai‘i and nationwide as an authority on best practices regarding the coronavirus pandemic. His television appearances have received national coverage and his demonstrated commitment to public service is evident as he supports the emergency departments at several hospitals. During the early days of the pandemic, O’Carroll led a covid testing team at a VA nursing home in Hilo.
O’Carroll was a co-founder of Every1ne Hawai‘i and in April 2020, Every1ne worked to obtain one million masks to be distributed across our state free of charge to vulnerable groups, including the homeless, the jobless and low income families with children. His volunteer work includes serving as medical director onboard Polynesian Voyaging Society’s Hikianalia, rescue work in the Bahamas after Hurricane Dorian devastated the archipelago and time spent at the busiest trauma center in Johannesburg, as well as the Manua Islands, Tijuana and with the international Red Cross.
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