Emeritus Imu Gang

2018 Old School Awardees
The Emeritus Imu Gang’s 20 members are known by their numbers, not their names. #6 is Cully Judd ’63; #7 Peter Lee ’63; #10 Mike Moss ’72; #11 Stan Duncan ’73 and #12 Randy Kam ’76.

Since 1979, the Emeritus Imu Gang has provided expertise, counsel and supervision to the 24th Class Imu committee and volunteers to help ensure the successful preparation of kālua pig for the annual Alumni Lū‘au. These five senior members – some with as many as 31 years of volunteer service to the Imu Gang – no longer shoulder the heavy labor of preparing and tending an imu. Instead, these sage fire pit masters offer hard-earned and time-tested tips, share detailed operating procedures and lead protocol.

Being selected as an Emeritus Imu Gang member is a prestigious honor cloaked in secrecy and ultimately decided by #1 Scott May ’56. The dedicated volunteers do much more than serve a lū‘au meal to 2,000 guests each June. They are keeping traditions alive, building alumni relationships and creating lifetime memories.
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