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Endowed Funds

Punahou’s endowment is a sustainable funding source that provides current and future revenue streams to support the School’s educational mission and vision. The endowment consists of over 900 separate restricted and unrestricted funds, established over many years for a wide variety of purposes, with a total market value estimated to be $356 million as of June 30, 2023.

Since 1859, when Punahou’s first named endowed fund was established, generous donors have invested in the Punahou priorities that align with their interests. Endowed funds support Punahou in perpetuity and attest to our donors’ inspirations and legacies.

See more information about Punahou’s Endowment and a full list of all funds.

The following new funds were established during the 2022 – 2023 school year.

List of 21 items.

  • Latham-Everest Family

    This fund was established by Punahou President Mike Latham ’86 and his wife Reverend Jennifer Latham as an expression of gratitude by them and their extended family.
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  • Richard R. Kelley, M.D. ’51 Legacy Fund

    This fund was established in 2022 by Chuck Kelley ’76 on behalf of the Kelley family in memory of Richard R. Kelley, M.D. ’51. This unrestricted fund supports the priorities of Punahou School.
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  • Crean, Pryor, Simons, Torrey

    The Crean, Pryor, Simons, Torrey Endowed Fund was established in 2022 by John Crean ’82 to honor his mother, Eileen Crean Bucklin and her former History Department faculty members: Jacques F. Pryor, Dick Simons and Bob Torrey. The initial purpose of this fund is to provide endowed support for curricular and faculty development, with a preference for the Academy Social Studies Department.
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  • Bordner Family

    The Bordner Family Endowed Financial Aid Fund was established in 2017 by Emily Bordner ’92 in celebration of her 25th Class Reunion. The Fund supports students at Punahou School who qualify for financial aid, with a preference for students who are involved in athletics and demonstrate leadership, dedication and support of others.
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  • Kuini Liliha

    The Kuini Liliha Endowed Financial Aid Fund was named after the Chiefess Kuini Liliha who served the Kingdom of Hawai‘i as royal governor of O‘ahu island from 1829 to 1831. Under heavy political pressure from rival Queen Ka‘ahumanu, Chiefess Kuini Liliha donated the lands on which Punahou now stands in 1829.
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  • Dr. Hieu T. Ball ’83 Family

    The Dr. Hieu T. Ball ’83 Family Endowed Financial Aid Fund was established in 2018 by Hieu Ball ’83 in recognition of his 35th Class Reunion at Punahou School.
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  • Kellie M.N. Sekiya ’82

    Kellie M. N. Sekiya graduated from Punahou School in 1982 and from the University of Hawai‘i with a BS in Business Administration in 1986. Kellie received her Juris Doctor in 1989 from the John A. Burns School of Law.
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  • Judy Sheehan ’57 Dawson Family Endowed Fund for Global Studies

    In honor of their mother, Judy Sheehan ’57 Dawson, Starr Dawson ’86 McLaughlin and Mark Dawson ’85 established this fund to promote and support students and teachers in the Punahou community who have a passion for learning about other countries, cultures, and languages around the world.
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  • D. Kenneth Richardson ’48

    The D. Kenneth Richardson ’48 Endowed Financial Aid Fund was established in 2022 by Ken Richardson ’48. The purpose of this Fund is to support students who qualify for financial aid at Punahou School and who have a preference and ability to excel in diverse STEM fields (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics).
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  • Crean Family

    The Crean Family Endowed Financial Aid Fund was established in 2022 by John Crean ’82. The Fund shall provide support for students at Punahou who qualify for financial aid, with a preference for children of current faculty and staff.
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  • Keoni Schwartz ’97

    Keoni Schwartz ’97 established this financial aid fund out of deep appreciation for the opportunities Punahou provided for himself and his family (including siblings Cione ’96 and Forrest ’03).
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  • Gerald M.K. ’60 and Diana T. Pang

    As parents, we make every effort to let the children experience our willingness to support them in their activities with our time and through our participation. As early as preschool the children were asked to bring two new friends to supper every school day.
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  • Calista Leong Kaneshige ’28

    The Calista Leong Kaneshige ’28 Endowed Legacy Fund was established by Calista's grandparents, Robert H Y and Maxine Leong.
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  • Lee Namkyu

    Mr. Lee was born in 1907 in Korea, during a time of brutal foreign occupation and extreme poverty. The sixth son of a family with limited resources, he was forced to fend for himself when his mother died. At 10 years old, without opportunities in Korea, he left home on his own for China. He learned the language, worked in coal mines, and scraped together meager savings.
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  • Tiger Tom Metcalf

    The Old School Award was created by the Punahou Alumni Association to recognize an individual who may not be an alumnus, but “who exemplifies the spirit of Punahou through outstanding service to the School.” It was more than fitting for Dean “Tiger Tom” Metcalf to receive the award when he retired in 1990. By then, he had literally defined the position of Academy dean and shepherded more than 3,000 students through the Punahou experience.
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  • Mabel Hefty

    I was never in a class that Mabel Hefty taught; however, she had a profound impact on my life as a family and personal friend. When my three-year-old self met her, she was the first adult who invited me to use her first name. Instead of “Mrs. Hefty”, she was simply “Mabel” or when I was young, an elided “Mabelhefty” because I liked the sound of it. This gesture of openness and adult interest in me as someone worth her time was a very early invitation to speak up.
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  • Roland Dudley Libby, Jr. ’66 and Ryan David Libby ’98

    This Endowed Financial Aid fund was established by the Sandra Y. Libby Trust in loving memory of Sandie's husband, Roland Dudley Libby, Jr. ’66 and son, Ryan David Libby ’98. Roland and Ryan often expressed fond memories of their years at Punahou School and Sandie was grateful for the solid educational foundation that the school provided them.
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  • Monica S. Adorno

    “Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. prayed these words: ‘Use me, God. Show me how to take who I am, who I want to be, and use it for a purpose greater than myself.’”
  • Elaine and Bill Blitman

    Elaine and Bill first got involved in 1976 with the Foundation for Study in Hawai‘i and Abroad as chaperones for 19 high school students in a short study program in Tokyo, Japan. After that, with the encouragement of Sig Ramler, emphasis and interest in global education became an important part of both Bill and Elaine’s professional lives. When the Wo International Center was created this interest and involvement was further strengthened.
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  • Robert M. ’63 and Christine Estes

    In 2017, Robert “Robby” M. Estes ’63 established this endowed fund to honor the memory of his late wife, Christine. Together, Robby and Christine had 3 sons, Luke ’95, Will ’97 and Andrew ’00. Their grandchildren, Isabella ’23, Sienna ’25 and Kaiea ’31 also attend Punahou School.
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  • Arthur and Carolyn Staats Endowed Legacy Fund

    The Arthur and Carolyn Staats Fund was established in 2022 by Jenny Staats ’77 Kelley and Chuck Kelley ’76 in memory and honor of Arthur and Carolyn Staats. This legacy fund provides support towards the overall mission, educational initiatives and priorities of the school.
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