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Punahou’s endowment is a sustainable funding source that provides current and future revenue streams to support the School’s educational mission and vision. The endowment consists of over 900 separate restricted and unrestricted funds, established over many years for a wide variety of purposes, with a total market value estimated to be $356 million as of June 30, 2023.

Since 1859, when Punahou’s first named endowed fund was established, generous donors have invested in the Punahou priorities that align with their interests. Endowed funds support Punahou in perpetuity and attest to our donors’ inspirations and legacies.

See more information about Punahou’s Endowment and a full list of all funds.

The following new funds were established during the 2022 – 2023 school year.

New Endowed Funds

These are new funds that were established during school year 2018 – 2019.

List of 20 items.

  • Alexander Simpson Atherton ’30 and LeBurta Gates ’35 Atherton

    Alexander (Pug) Simpson Atherton was born in 1913. He was the son of descendants of missionaries, Amos Starr and Juliette Montague Cooke. He graduated from Punahou in 1931. 
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  • Daphne Ripple ’65 Araujo

    Education matters! When I think of Punahou School, I am filled with gratitude for the extraordinary experience that I was privileged to enjoy during my two years there, my junior and senior years of high school. 
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  • Dr. Charman Akina

    As a young child, Charman Akina ’50 knew he wanted to be a physician when he grew up.
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  • Dr. Frederick M.K. Lam, Jr.

    Dr. Frederick M.K Lam, Jr. ’41, attended Punahou from about 1930 to 1941, graduating months before the attack on Pearl Harbor. After receiving a Doctor of Medicine degree, he returned to Hawai`i to marry Marie Link, a nurse from Minnesota, and opened his medical practice in Honolulu with his father Frederick W.K Lam, Sr., M.D.
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  • Dr. Richard E. Enos ’56

    Dr. Richard “Dick” Enos ’56 was born on May 29, 1937, in Kalihi Valley on O`ahu, Territory of Hawai`i. The only child of Manuel and Marie Furtado Enos, Dick grew up on Gulick Street and attended Kapalama Elementary and Cathedral School before entering Punahou in 9th grade. At Punahou, he played intramural sports and admitted he “got into a lot of trouble.” However, he was grateful for everything that Punahou gave him.
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  • Ellen Fullard-Leo

    Born in 1884, the legacy that Ellen Fullard-Leo established remains relevant today. One of twelve children, Ellen was ‘home-schooled’ at the large family farm in South Africa. Her early education and missionary training taught her the importance of being well-rounded, spirit centered, and community-minded. She always said, “Education is the key to life.”
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  • Health and Science Career Exploration Fund

    This endowed fund will provide support towards the overall mission, educational initiatives and priorities of the school, with a preference for programs designed to enhance students’ readiness for careers in health and/or science. These programs may include, among other things, career counseling, visiting experts, mentorships, networking opportunities, externships, workshops and others programmatic activities that build upon an engaging and aspirational curriculum consistent with Punahou’s educational goals and priorities.
  • Herbert ’62 and Margaret Lee

    My two sons and I had the good fortune to attend Punahou School. We were all encouraged and inspired by the school’s exceptional teachers, facility and program resources and the camaraderie of our peers which prepared us for success in college and beyond. 
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  • J.J.J. Endowed Fund for Wo International Center

    The J.J.J. Endowed Fund for Wo International Center was established to provide support for the Wo Center and its mission: to broaden the horizons of education, language, & cultural exchange, and thus encourage a mindset of global citizenship. The JJJ Fund is named for James ’43, Juanita, & Julia ’69 Wo. James, together with his brother Robert Wo ’41, provided the funding to construct the Wo International Center that is home to programs that include intensive language instruction, study abroad and summer programs for Punahou students, lectures and seminars, and professional development programs. James was a Punahou trustee from 1970-2001.
  • Jeffrey and Lynn Watanabe Family

    The Watanabe family has strong Punahou connections. Lynn enjoyed over forty years of active PFA involvement which prepared her as a life-long community volunteer. Jeff served 20 years as a Trustee where he learned the power of Punahou as a community asset. 
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  • Jennifer J.S. Lee Endowed Fund for Psychosocial Education

    This endowed fund is established in honor of Jennifer Jung Sook Lee by her son Robert Lee ’07. Jennifer passed away in 2006 and did not live to see Robert and his brother Kevin ’11 graduate from Punahou. Robert, Kevin, and their father Kit will never forget Jennifer’s unending love and kindness.
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  • Jhamandas Watumull Family

    The Watumull family values have been deeply rooted in cultural exchange since the inception of their first business enterprise in Hawai`i more than 100 years ago. It started with Gulab Watumull’s father, Jhamandas, who came to Honolulu in 1914 with an expertise in textiles and an eye for opportunity. 
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  • Leslie and Betsy S. Hata

    Although Les and Betsy felt Punahou was “out of reach” during their schooling years, they felt so fortunate to have their son Reyn ’91 offered the opportunity to join the Punahou community in kindergarten for the next thirteen years. Now Reyn and wife Carrie’s sons, grandsons Brock ’27 and Mason ’29, are also benefitting from the talented teachers, learner-centered curriculum, and countless opportunities in curricular and co-curricular activities.
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  • Linette Lee Char

    For the past 27 years, Linette Char flourished as an Academy Mandarin Teacher for levels I through V Honors. Her many career highlights include her involvement in the Junior School Language Program initiated over 10 years ago, pioneering the 1st Grade Chinese Language Classes. Linette’s efforts paved the way for other Academy Language Teachers to bring Japanese and Hawaiian Studies to Grades 2 and 3 shortly thereafter.
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  • Rusty and Dick Cronin

    This endowed fund was established by Judy Cronin ’69 CDR, USN (Ret) to honor her parents, Rusty (Jeannette) and Dick (G. Richard) Cronin. Her parents were wholly committed to education in all its forms, and inculcated in their daughter their belief in education as the foundation to good citizenship and success in any arena.
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  • Sheree Nitta ’93 Stewart

    The Sheree Nitta ’93 Stewart Endowed Financial Aid Fund was established by Sheree Nitta ’93 Stewart for whom Punahou is a philanthropic priority. Sheree was inspired to give back to Punahou in recognition of the extraordinary journey that her children (Kaian ’26 and Kenna ’28) are currently experiencing. 
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  • Speedy ’71 and Pauline Lo ’71 Bailey Family

    Speedy ’71 and Pauline Lo ’71 Bailey established a Family Financial Aid Endowed fund to provide financial assistance to students whose opportunities to participate in extended learning programs will be enhanced with financial assistance. 
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  • Wolff Family

    Allen and Patricia Wolff settled in Hawai`i in 1992. Their three children, Kelly ’13, Kevin ’14 and Patrick ’17, attended Punahou for many happy years. The Wolff’s wish to support a legacy of Punahou students from military families, that these students may be fortunate to learn from Punahou and that Punahou may be fortunate to learn from them.
  • Yugo ’92 and Emiko Manners Yamamoto

    Emiko and Yugo have a deep appreciation for music, dance, and the arts. It is a significant part of what has shaped them growing up. They believe that there is a lot to gain in life through studies in the arts, such as imagination, discipline, and perseverance – all of which are applicable and relevant to our everyday lives.
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  • Yun-Wa and Yuk-Lin Lee and Lloyd Stull

    After losing his husband and partner of 15 years, James Lee ’87 chose to create an endowed financial fund in the loving memory of Lloyd Stull. Lee is a physician in Washington State and the son of Yun-Wa and Yuk-Lin Lee, Chinese immigrants who owned the successful Doong Kong Lau Hakka Restaurant in the Chinese Cultural Plaza. He recognizes how much it meant to his family that he attended Punahou and was able to go on to college and graduate school.
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