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Punahou’s endowment is a sustainable funding source that provides current and future revenue streams to support the School’s educational mission and vision. The endowment consists of over 900 separate restricted and unrestricted funds, established over many years for a wide variety of purposes, with a total market value estimated to be $356 million as of June 30, 2023.

Since 1859, when Punahou’s first named endowed fund was established, generous donors have invested in the Punahou priorities that align with their interests. Endowed funds support Punahou in perpetuity and attest to our donors’ inspirations and legacies.

See more information about Punahou’s Endowment and a full list of all funds.

The following new funds were established during the 2022 – 2023 school year.

New Endowed Funds

These are new funds that were established during school year 2020 – 2021.

List of 13 items.

  • Robert and Jeanne Bigelow

    Robert Bigelow and Jeanne Marie Grayle met at Boston University, where Bob was studying journalism on the GI Bill and Jeanne was pursuing a master’s degree in education.  She was the smartest person he had ever met, and he was the only man who could keep up with her.  They got married in 1949, after Bob graduated and Jeanne completed the coursework for her degree, and moved to New York, where Bob eventually landed at the New York Post.  Along the way, Bob studied painting and sculpture at the Pratt Institute on a Regents’ Scholarship.
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  • Wayne and Mable Wong Endowment for Personalized Learning

    This fund was established in memory of Wayne and Mable Wong, who believed education to be an investment in their children’s futures and the greatest gift they could provide them. They gave the gift of a Punahou education to all five of their children: Marc ’67, Deen ’69, Jan ’71, Keye ’73 and Li-Ann ’76; and worked selflessly to provide the financial and instructional groundwork necessary for their success, both in school and in their future careers.
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  • Han (Sonny) and Barbara Ching

    Han “Sonny” and Barbara Ching have been lifelong supporters of Punahou School.  Sonny served as a Punahou trustee for 15 years, and Barbara enjoyed over 20 years as an active PFA volunteer.  As parents of Shelli ‘86, Randy ‘89 and Laura ‘91, they appreciate the immeasurable benefits of a Punahou education, which continue to impact their children’s lives today.
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  • Bunn Family

    Andrew Bunn '86 and Mikiko Yazawa '87 Bunn had many wonderful experiences at Punahou, not the least of which was meeting and eventually marrying and having two children who also went to Punahou: Chris '14 and Anna '19.  Punahou nurtured their love of playing music.
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  • Chris A. '67 and Christine Smith

    I graduated from Punahou in 1967. Following Punahou, I attended the University of Oregon where I graduated with a degree in architecture. My education at Punahou was formative in the eventual success I attained in business as a developer. While classes in architecture and art history prepared me well for my future career, math and the sciences were a great help. As you attend college, you discover that the education and educational opportunities you receive at Punahou are exceptional and often exceed the early college curriculum.
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  • Eric, Myra, Erin '95, Wendy '02 Kusunoki

    Eric, Erin ’95, and Wendy ’02, established this endowed fund to honor the memory of their late wife and mother, Myra, and also in gratitude to Punahou School for all of the many educational opportunities they experienced.  Eric and Myra were both trained as educators and though not alumni, as teachers and parents, both were impressed and inspired by Punahou’s mission, values, culture, and traditions that embraced Erin and Wendy from K-12 and beyond.
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  • Ho'omaka'ana

    When we moved to Honolulu from Tokyo years ago, we knew no one on the island, so the Punahou community became our extended family. Even though the boys have long since left the campus, the Punahou network continues to reach out to them, no matter which city or country their professional journeys have taken them to. And we don’t mean just through a generic email, we mean organized alumni gatherings and lunches or dinners with visiting school representatives.
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  • Courtnee Chun '92

    Courtnee Chun ’92 established this scholarship when celebrating her 25th reunion.  Punahou has played an instrumental part in her life and the relationships she established then are still some of her strongest now; and she cherishes her Punahou family.  She believes strongly that her Punahou education prepared her for success in college and then for her career in finance.
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  • Elisa Chong

    Elisa Chong was inspired to start this fund, which supports single parent households, as a result of her own experience sending two children through Punahou. Both of her daughters entered at a young age; Krystle ’03 in Kindergarten, and Evelyn ’05 in first grade. She remembers the challenges of working to ensure the best education for her girls, and established this fund to help families in a similar situation.
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  • Wanda Au '51 Miura "WAM"

    Affectionately known by her family and friends as "WAM," she was a "Kalihi" girl who after attending St. Anthony's Catholic School, entered Punahou in the 9th grade and was an alumna of the class of 1951. During her time at Punahou, she was truly a buff 'n blue gal who was very involved with campus activities which included being a member of the aquacade.
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  • Coach Richard S.H. Wong '56

    Richard S.H. “Dickie” Wong was born in Honolulu in 1938.  The eldest of six, Dick grew up helping his father with his poi business and applying his vivid imagination to the people, pastures and farmlands of Manoa Valley and beyond.
    Dick landed at Punahou School in seventh grade.  There he found many kindred spirits:  the bold, the clever, and the mischiefmakers who became lifelong friends. 
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  • Jon and Kathryn Nelson

    I spent most of my professional career raising gifts to support educational institutions, including nine years (2010-2019) at Punahou School.  My son Sean graduated from Punahou in 1999, and my son Ian graduated from Mid-Pacific Institute in 2000.  They benefited from the opportunities and challenges presented by their schools.  I believe strongly that access to a great education increases social justice and the odds for an engaged, informed citizenry.
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  • Mark Sullivan '96 and Sachi Sullivan '94 Lefever

    Mark Sullivan ’96, with his sister Sachi Sullivan ’94 LeFever, created this endowment to support families with multiple children attending Punahou. The financial burden on a Punahou family can be significant with one child attending, let alone with multiple tuitions. Our goal is to support these families, as we believe there is tremendous value in siblings attending Punahou together.
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