Dr. Frederick M.K. Lam, Jr.

Dr. Frederick M.K Lam, Jr. ’41, attended Punahou from about 1930 to 1941, graduating months before the attack on Pearl Harbor. After receiving a Doctor of Medicine degree, he returned to Hawai`i to marry Marie Link, a nurse from Minnesota, and opened his medical practice in Honolulu with his father Frederick W.K Lam, Sr., M.D.
Fred and Marie raised four children: Guy ’66, Connie ’67, Brenda ’69 and Devona ’75. Influenced by his Chinese culture and values, Dr. Lam believed that educating his children at Punahou and college would be the greatest gift he could give to them and, in particular, he believed grades 1–7 would provide them with the most important basics for learning. He had always hoped that one of his children would become a Doctor of Medicine. His first three children pursued other professions but his youngest daughter, Devona, went on to become a doctor of veterinary medicine, which made Fred very proud. This financial aid fund is established with a gift to Punahou in memory of our father, Frederick M. K. Lam, Jr., who gave us every opportunity to succeed in life.
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