Yun-Wa and Yuk-Lin Lee and Lloyd Stull

After losing his husband and partner of 15 years, James Lee ’87 chose to create an endowed financial fund in the loving memory of Lloyd Stull. Lee is a physician in Washington State and the son of Yun-Wa and Yuk-Lin Lee, Chinese immigrants who owned the successful Doong Kong Lau Hakka Restaurant in the Chinese Cultural Plaza. He recognizes how much it meant to his family that he attended Punahou and was able to go on to college and graduate school.
Stull battled chronic myelogenous leukemia for ten years before passing away on February 15, 2016. Even while ill, Stull volunteered to teach English to immigrants, and “always fought for social justice, for giving voiceless people a voice,” says Lee. His efforts continue even today. Lloyd designated the proceeds from his recently published historical novel, “The Souls of the Quaking Pond,” to help a young man in his home state of Indiana face leukemia. He finished the book while receiving a bone-marrow transplant, during the final months of his life. James Lee requests that each recipient of this scholarship read Lloyd’s novel. 

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